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An English teacher travels back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination, but discovers he is attached to the life he has made in a bygone era.


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Release: Feb 15, 2016

IMDb: 6.6

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11.22.63 full movie review - King's stories usually get butchered, but this has got to top the list!

I remember how excited I was to see this mini series of a book I really enjoyed from Stephen King's quite varied collection of all types of stories.

I don't think he's done more than one other using "modern & current world" time travel. I especially have been fascinated by what did and didn't happen on that fateful day when I was almost 3 years old. Same age as his son John oddly enough. But to my point of the rating I've given this mini series...... I must blame the two main credited writers Bridget Carpenter and Stephen King. This is about as far from the book as any story can get other than using the same title. Too many individual items to list so I'll just name the most glaring. The biggest one that just screams like "Todash Chimes" to anyone watching who has read the book is that Jake NEVER EVER has a sidekick. Who the heck is this young guy Billy??? In fact his only help comes toward the end as his love with and for Sadie grows enough for her to believe his time travel story.

Next is NOT a prejudicial remark but just based on the book's characters. The Jody HS principal is MARRIED to Mimi who is not of another race or creed. Someone else wrote about him going back after changing the past and having everything reset as told to him by his friend and diner owner who passes the torch of trying to save JFK from the Dallas assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald. I guess the budget or something else caused them to skip over what Jake actually did from 1960 til 1962. He NEVER gets to Texas until 1962. The show took time enough to show the discrimination at a gas station where is shown a separate "bathroom" facilities for white and not nearly as bad as the book describes for colored people to use. Once he decides not to reset history again, he goes to FL and makes one bet especially with a connected Spanish mobster who connects to the mobsters in Dallas. Later on after burning his rental place down after he left because he had a feeling. His notes are NEVER destroyed at any time. His many contacts with the Yellow card man which turns Orange. That guardian dies and during his final travels he meets another guardian who explains what he and the dinner owner have been doing to the time/space continuum. Jake doesn't cross paths with Sadie until he moves to Jody. H and Deke become great friends as he does with his wife. Oh, and there is just so much that makes this mini series painful for me (and seems many others) who wait to see something that SHOULD happen and doesn't, or things that DO but shouldn't.

Who are these people who claim this book matches the book exactly o words to that affect and give it a 10 rating? Geez, I've heard of some reviewers being involved in some financial way with the show or movie to counteract the negatives written. But in this case I KNOW for a fact that only one of two possibilities exist for positive ratings of this series could be...(1) The people writing are being told to do so. (2) The people writing are literally involved with the production of this horrible shredding of one of King's better non-horror stories. (3) A CLOTHESPIN?!?!

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if King himself wrote one of the positive reviews. I also think that his near fatal accident on his walking route did more brain damage than first diagnosed. But I loved Duma Key which was written about his Gulf Key home or one of the other keys he's heard stories about. After all most of King's stories are triggered by his own life experiences or by thoughts that he gets while traveling such as Children of the Corn. Whatever the reason, I sure hope he's not "producing" things like this or Haven, or Under the Dome because he needs or wants the money? Even Bag of Bones was lame, but no where near as bad as this terrible waste of production dollars.

I submit to all who read this and especially to Stephen King himself....DO NOT LET ANYOJE TRANSLATE YOUR STORIES TO TV SHOWS OR MOVIES OTHER THAN FRANK DARABONT!! I'm hoping Darabont decides to do a cable version of the Dark Tower series at the level of Game of a Thrones, Outlander, Black Sails, etc. Just ONCE a complex Stephen King book series should be done by what seems to be the ONLY director in Hollywood who knows that just recreating in visual imagery what King writes is the best thing to do.

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