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11.22.63 2016 full movie online free

An English teacher travels back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination, but discovers he is attached to the life he has made in a bygone era.


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Release: Feb 15, 2016

IMDb: 6.6

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11.22.63 full movie review - It's good if you are not distracted by typical mishandled "Hollywood" take on the time period

These types of shows have become a type of menace on TV ever since the success of Madmen has led to many other projects using their portrayal of that time period as a template to imitate.

A lack of authenticity; history as artifice; a superficial and stereotypical account where we are routinely presented with a faux history. And I don't mean accuracy of a story either based on real life or fiction, but rather the faux account of an era in history. With Madmen we saw the latter - a fake history that gives a very misleading idea of what that era was really like - especially when we see how men and women acted and treated each other, and how they generally acted in New York, and in the social mores of that era, i.e. my new pet peeve ever since that show - that the new cliché for those era's is that everyone was smoking all the time in the 40s, 50s. and 60s. That really isn't true, the most people ever smoked was in the later 70s. Back in those earlier eras people didn't smoke as much as later time periods. But because Hollywood so many Hollywood writers get their ideas of society from old movies instead of real research, they think everyone smoked all the time back then because that was widely seen in movies. But that occurred due to product placement.

Yes, product placement is not new. The tobacco industry was notorious for paying movie producers or studios to have everyone smoke in movies. That wasn't real life in those times, people didn't smoke as that much. So we have the fake idea of everyone smoking all the time becoming de rigueur ever since Madmen writers fell into the delusion of thinking movies were showing the truth of their times. Now practically every show set in those eras on cable have fallen into the same historical trap. Not true at all. People did not all smoke like chimneys back then. The other pet peeve of mine is in mishandling is women.

So is the case with 11.22.63. I liked it at first, but then they so mangled the social norms of that era that I couldn't enjoy the story. Case in point, and this has nothing to do with the story, is when we see James Franco getting stares for how he looks. I mean, that is just nuts, seriously crazy, because he couldn't look more like he stepped out of that era when he first went there. Both in his hair style and goatee, and his clothes - nothing in the way he looked should have garnered a second thought from anyone, since that look was common even back then. But the show presents it like he is a punk rocker walking into Mayberry with everyone turning their head to stare at the freak. That current idea of that era in America from Hollywood - as if the country was some sort of Stepford Wife writ large, some weird cult, is way off base.

How annoying that Hollywood takes their cues for that era on smoking, which they definitely should not because that was due to product placement, but they do not take anything else from the movies of that era, i.e. women; men and women; social mores; clothing; and so on. In those cases old movies are much more accurate then current depictions of those eras, which appear to be based on lazy clichés rather than anything thoughtful. This isn't happening in Movies, thanks the Gods. but appears to have become the way to go on cable, with a glut of shows all mimicking Madmen - presenting a fake history that we can all look back on and feel better about ourselves because "those guys, those crazy old times, we are so much better and advanced now."

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