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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 2016 full movie online free

An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.


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Release: Jan 13, 2016

IMDb: 5.4

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi full movie review - Michael Bay makes Libya and the true story live by the authentic story.

**** May contain strong spoilers ****

This is a review made by StoneDraim... and that means that if you want to read a probably different kind of review, keep reading....

This is my personal experience, my personal point of view/perspective and my personal opinion... and my opinion is just one of like 7 billions in this world.

I was very surprised over the entertainment and the quality of this one... surprised in a good way. "13 Hours : The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi" made me draw the conclusion that when things comes together well in a movie, there can be both a almost repetitive script from other movies and actors that still is to become stars and well known.

The film starts off with you getting to know the characters and the daily life. Then the viewer comes to follow a certain group of people, soldiers, during their time under fire and war in Libya. Michael Bay has made a tremendous job in getting a sense of reality and entertainment at the same time.

Moment to moment, the characters is getting alive and creating relationships throughout their own special way that forms them into who they are. Michael Bay is balancing that is such a great way for it to really grab hold of the viewer. One special scene is where the soldiers is waiting for the next attack, if there will be one, and having little both emotionally and lightheaded conversation about the topics of war and daily life. About 1:41:00 into the movie there is another conversation about that the interpreter want to stay when recommended to leave. Amahl (Peyman Moaadi) goes down to the war room and "Tanto" (Pablo Schreiber) turns to his partner in war, "Boon" (David Denman), and breaks the silence with: "I'm gonna have to break up with him before we leave Libya...." "Boon" starts laughing with a good and tired heart in the background, very clear and sound. This is an example of the entire movies solid authentic feeling. In most of the movies nowadays there would have been silence after "Tanto"'s line, and for the audience to catch up with the humour and laugh. In reality, it would probably be in the way Michael Bays lets it go through here. By letting "Boon" laugh, it takes the reality into the story and keeps the authentic touch. Extremely well written and directed both acting and dialogue. The soldiers different lives besides their war both within and in Libya is properly taking care of and showed respect for. Actors, script and directors drives the full length of the movie in the same way and gives the finished product what it needs.

The synthezisers rehances the balmy breeze that sweeps around in immediate surroundings... that is creation in a high level... really high level. Just enough so I can hear the extra rehancing of the surroundings and the sound carpets. Classic Michael Bay. People sit and communicate, and a gentle, deep and saturated sound carpet is the basis while the hair and other loose objects sweeps around by both the daily and the nightly wind. Excellent! There is a couple of scenes where the troopers is gathered and exclaims their feelings and emotions of the situations. One of them is (just as in "Bad Boys" where Will Smith And Martin Lawrence turns around slowly and the camera is going around them, as they are tired and grabbed by the moment) where the soldiers stand by an airplane and the total scenery and sound effects blend together with the camera giving the full screen of tired and broken down soldiers, hot breezes and an air plane getting to the runway field. Furthermore, the entire production group creates such an authentic feeling climate and environments in Libya that I'm effectively aware in film. That is quality... good quality. Then I come to the comparison between Michael Bay and Michael Mann. I had check who did what to define and distinguish them them. I prefer Michael Mann; his excellent magic in creating a melancholic hopeful feeling by image, ambient environments, sound and the music is phenomenal! And... then that was said.

Last out... a little thing that is conveyed both with class and just the right amount of attention to give the viewer some extra involvement and entertainment: Everybody's name in movies is Jack. Jack Bauer in "24 Hours". Jack in "Titanic". Jack Ryan in "Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit". Jack Twist in "Brokeback Mountain". Jack in "Speed". Jack Torrance in "The Shining" get the point. In here... they even go so far that the character being a guard and undercover is named Jack, and the character in the movie is also Jack. Did I hear "Do you know you know jack....?!"

Over to the movie as a product: - The production : Look above in the review; astonishing work! The war scenes, the perfect match of sound and exploding weapons and weaponry, the blood, the realistic scenes of soldiers getting hit, the grading of light and so on... everything is well taken care of. Chuck Hogan has drawn his experience and expertise to this one. - The actors : For me, kind of external names in the list of the cast. And, wow... did they deliver! Some little acting abilities here and there that raises my skeptical sense. Other than that...: great! John Krasinski lays it all out there; a true piece of art! - The story : A true story. And that is that. - Entertainment : Both the story, the characters, the music, the sounds, the....well.... almost everything has its own entertaining in here. - Age : 15... or 18, due to gruesome scenes and language.

7,8 out of 10. (The final rate is based most on my own entertainment of the movie. Short elucidation of the rating: 8 Excellent movie and a solid production 7 Well made movie. Proper entertainment.)

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