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3 Nights in the Desert 2015 full movie online free

Three former band mates enter a cave after hearing it has the power to give them what they need. As unsettling desires rise to the surface, they all wonder if the cave has real power.


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Release: Feb 06, 2015

IMDb: 3.8

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3 Nights in the Desert full movie review - Sort of a strange

Sort of a strange story about three friends, who haven't seen each other in a long time, meeting at the home of the one who has chosen to be a recluse way out in the desert.

As the story progress you learn they shared an interest in breaking into the music industry as a 'band' - but it never came to pass - and all three friends have gone in separate directions.

Travis is the desert recluse, Anna and Barry have pursued professional lives and have joined the society as responsible members. Travis has a real problem with this. He rejected society for the solitude of the desert and his own thoughts. In my opinion Travis makes it clear that he was physically attracted to both Anna and Barry. Travis knows he cannot cross this barrier with either Barry or Anna. Barry and Anna had their own thing and Travis was always the third wheel.

So to sum up this rather forgettable movie - Travis instigated this reunion to tell his two friends (and in a very abstract psychotic way) that he is going to kill himself. What are the clues? 1. Travis takes them to that mystery cave. 2. Travis disappears one night. 3. Travis sends Barry & Anna off to go home in his truck, without Travis. 4. As the story ends Travis is seen going into the cave - now his crypt! The end.

This movie is only firing on 3 cylinders and never gets to the point.

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