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90 Minutes in Heaven 2015 full movie online free

A man involved in a horrific car crash is pronounced dead, only to come back to life an hour and a half later, claiming to have seen Heaven.


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Release: Sep 11, 2015

IMDb: 5.8

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90 Minutes in Heaven full movie review - Great book, awful film adaptation

I never hearded of the book. It was awesome to start, but this movie...OH JEEBERS! (Phantom Strider 8 reference!) It's a doozy...

The acting is impressive, because is based on a true story and sticks to the spirit of the book. Cheers for the actors.

The direction and production is nice. The producers decided to make a (awful!) book adaptation of '90 Minutes', hired nice actors. The direction makes 'Wabbit' looks like 'Family Guy'. The rest of the movie? NOT!!

It sticks very impressively the spirit of the book, because is based on a real-life situation of Mr. Piper's death in 1989.

The message is charming, but the movie is not...

How could you like this rubbish movie? I found reviews of how you LIKE this movie! Look, here's one! Written by crystal_zoo: I've read the book "90 minutes in heaven" when it first came out and was glad when they finally made the movie! This is about a pastor who was involved in an accident and was declared dead for at least 90 minutes. What happened next was a journey of pain and discovery, through faith and love of family and friends and many others who prayed for God to move in a miraculous way! We don't always understand why we go through incredible pain and loss, but when we trust in the God who knows every thing, we can witness how He works it all out for His Glory.

I really liked this movie and hope more true life movies about faith during difficult times will come out after this one!!! True Christians get it, even if the rest of the world does not. Thank you for making this movie and thanks to the Piper family for sharing their experiences with the rest of us.

And the second fake positive review is written by Heidi Cook: Anyone who enjoys deep and moving material will absolutely love this movie! Not only that, but the story is truly amazing. It's not just about his spiritual experience, (which is hard to explain through a movie when you can't put earthly descriptive words into it), but it's about love, marriage, family, prayer, hope, faith, recovery, friends, helping others, opening up, and of course the ever knowing possibility that the end isn't really the end. Awesome movie! Definitely worth the watch! Just don't forget, stay humble and listen with your heart. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in Don Piper's real life experiences because we all go through hard times and this movie really does a great job portraying the real life details of such a horrific event and overcoming such tragedy.

REALLY?! Your all brainless!! Did you check out the RATING?! Stop with the likes. But for me, is a mixed reception'd.

RESULTS: Book: 10/10 Movie adaptation: 1/10 Acting: 10/10 Production: 9/10 Development: 7/10 Direction: 9/10 Message: 10/10 Epilouge: 6/10


I will recommend the book. Not the movie. So many fake reviews...

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