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With Christmas only a few days away, Paige Summerland, a Los Angeles magazine writer specializing in relationship advice, boards an eastbound flight to spend the holiday with her fiancé, Jack, meet his parents for the first time and plan her upcoming “dream wedding.” Paige’s enthusiasm turns to panic when a massive snowstorm detours her flight and she meets - and locks horns with - Dylan, a cynical bar manager who has lost his faith in love. When it looks like all hope of arriving in New York for Christmas is lost, Dylan surprises Paige by renting an SUV and offering her a ride. Reluctantly, Paige braves the snowy road trip with Dylan, joined by Frank and Maxine Harper, an older couple whose 20-year marriage has lost its spark. Along the journey, feelings start to develop between Paige and Dylan. Now, as the young bride-to-be scrambles to make it to New York for Christmas, she begins to wonder if she’s marrying the right man and just might learn a surprising lesson about love.


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Release: Dec 01, 2015

IMDb: 5.0

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A Christmas Detour full movie review - Another fun Candace Christmas movie

Candace Cameron Bure plays a writer who believes in vision boards and soulmates. She's engaged to a stuffy, insipid man and is supposed to meet his equally stuffy parents for the first time on Christmas.

But bad weather stands in the way of her plans so she's forced to share a ride with a bickering married couple and a handsome bartender (Paul Greene) down on love. Along the way sparks fly, proving once again that opposites always attract in TV romcoms.

It's never a bad thing to see Candace Cameron Bure in a Christmas movie, even if she is playing a more obnoxious character than usual. It took me awhile to like the character as she's pretty much the exact type of person I try to avoid in my life. Eventually they do flesh her out a little and you grow to care about her some. I still wasn't completely enamored with her by the end. Which is saying a lot since I adore Candace and will sit through just about anything to watch her. For his part, Paul Greene is a step above the usual bland male lead these things tend to have. He's got a lot of charisma (and knows it), straddling that fine line between charming and cocky at all times. Candace and Paul have a nice chemistry together but, as fun as these two are, the real highlight of the movie is Sarah Strange and David Lewis as the married couple. They prove you don't have to have movie star good looks to be a compelling romcom relationship. In a perfect world actors like this could be the stars of the movie. As it is, we have to settle for them as supporting players who steal the spotlight. The guy playing Candace's fiancé and the actors playing his parents also do an admirable job with cardboard roles. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Candace rarely disappoints with her TV movies. This one isn't among my favorites of hers but it is very enjoyable, despite a few flaws. It's predictable (as these things always are) but it does what it does well. If you're looking for a pleasant way to pass the time on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you could do a lot worse.

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