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A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits 2016 full movie online free

A contemporary musical version of the classic Cinderella story in which the servant step daughter hope to compete in a musical competition for a famous pop star.

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Release: Aug 02, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits full movie review - A Cinderella Story:If The Shoe Fits review

Just as you have guessed there is yet another direct movie based on Cinderella,this time starring Disney's Descendants Sofia Carson who plays a young girl named Tessa who is s

taying in a resort with her mean stepmother Divine(played by an unrecognizable Jennifer Tilly)who's two daughters hear that there is an international pop star named Reed Hart(Thomas Law)who is holding auditions for Cinderella(of course).Tessa tries to audition for the part but since her stepmother will recognize her she stumbles on a make up artist named Georgia who asks her why she isn't auditioning and so Georgia comes up with a plan for Tessa to disguise herself by donning a blonde wig,contacts and a British accent donning the name of Bella Snow(I swear Sofia is like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana when she dons the blonde wig only Sofia can challenge accents of course). Bella/Tessa auditions and she wins over Reed Hart's affections for Cinderella. Problems rise however when Reed begins to fall in love with Bella/Tessa and Tessa has to be in two places at once in one certain scene. So will Reed discover who Bella Snow really is?

Overall I am kinda getting tired of these so called Cinderella movies,we already had one last year with Lily James and before that we had the likes of Selena Gomez,Lucy Hale and Hilary Duff all starring in Cinderella films. Sofia reminds me of a cross between Demi Lovato and Lily Collins from The Blind Side. Jennifer Tilly was annoying as the stepmother Divine(who there was also a drag queen named that one time). As well as this the story is so predictable you can pretty much figure what is going to happen once the 2nd and last act kicks in. Carson as Bella Snow was obviously a Hannah Montana clone as I seen the movie today and all I could think of was why is Hannah Montana in this movie for? Then I discovered it was actually Sofia Carson donning a blonde wig.

If you loved the Cinderella Franchise from Hilary Duff right to Selena Gomez's version or you seen Disney's Descendants and you became a fan of Sofia Carson then check it out for yourself by buying it or watching it online. Check out the Grease style number in the beginning of the movie.


2 stars out of 5.

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