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A Date with Miss Fortune 2016 full movie online free

New John L'Ecuyer movie

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Release: Jan 29, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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A Date with Miss Fortune full movie review - What an unexpected surprise

My husband and I were on a holiday and wanted to see a movie. People that we had met on the beach recommended this one highly. We went to it and were very surprised at how funny it was!

The script writing was intelligent (which these days is hard to find). The lead male and female were captivating as actors and had a great chemistry. The film was very believable and very very funny. We both had belly laughs throughout the show. The supporting cast was also amazing. The actor that plays the father was awesome. The actor that played Jack was extremely good looking which made the movie even better from my standpoint! We are hoping this movie comes to Canada as we would like to see it again! I know all our friends will love it!

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