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A Novel Romance 2015 full movie online free

Romance novelist Liam Bradley (Dylan Bruce) has already found massive success with three books written under the pen name Gabriel August, but he's mysteriously unknown to his legions of readers. With his first book written as a way to heal after a broken relationship, Liam has slowly become disheartened with writing strictly for romantic fantasy, something evident to a sweet, but honest, journalist who reviews books, Sophie Atkinson (Amy Acker), whom he meets by chance on a plane. The two begin a tentative relationship in Sophie’s home town of Portland, Oregon, where Liam has come to find inspiration for his newest entry. Liam’s agent puts him on the spot with a long-planned reveal of Gabriel August’s true identity, but Sophie doesn’t know of his public persona. The longer Liam avoids telling her the truth, the deeper a hole he digs for himself. Will their romance survive once his true identity comes to light?


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Release: Jan 10, 2015

IMDb: 6.1

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A Novel Romance full movie review - 83 Minutes That I'll Never Get Back

"A Novel Romance" was not only cliché, but actually painful.

I watched this movie on my laptop and I honestly had to pause it so I could breathe and move on. Not in the "oh this is so sweet I'm blushing and forgetting how to breathe" way but the "let me close my eyes for a moment as I consider how a two year old could have better written, directed and starred in this movie" way, a "let me focus on breathing so I don't throw up from all this cheese" way.

The entire thing was cheesy and predictable. Every moment was hard to watch and while I'd like to think myself an appreciator of cliché romcoms, this was something else. By now I've watched enough films to know that you shouldn't be constantly reminded that people are acting, there should be a level of suspension of disbelief. For goodness sake, some Disney Channel Original TV movies are better than this.

I think that the concept of the film was okay, but that it was the execution in every sense, that ultimately let "A Novel Romance" down.

A good script, performance and cinematography should make you feel something, move you, and the only thing that this film made me feel, was queasy.


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