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Accidental Exorcist 2016 full movie online free

Fate has dealt Richard Vanuck a very strange hand; he's a natural born exorcist. In fact, he's the best there's ever been, and with possessions on the rise across the city he's booked solid. Eventually he comes to realize that performing exorcisms is the only thing he's truly good at, even though his daily battles with Satanic forces are wearing him down.


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Release: Jun 24, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Accidental Exorcist full movie review - Unique, interesting; Absolute gem.

Usually within the realm of low budget horror flicks, it's safe to say the assumption thought "It'll suck" comes straight to mind. Accidental Exorcist has flaws, but is surely, surely one of those rare finds when it comes to independent / low budget horror films.

Coming from a guy that has watched countless independent / low budget horror films in the past that I've refused to bother to review with due to how bad, boring, or cliché it may of been, this film shocked me. The story-line to this entire film was something else, it was something that's simply hard to come by in a horror movie. May not be the best concept in the world, but is it one that'll entertain? Perhaps have one one in a thought provoked state? Yes. We follow around an exorcist, in a sense a dead beat exorcist. One that has a power, yet drinks, takes drugs, and lives in a disgusting area. Pretty much gets booked to certain areas where apparent possessions are taking place, to where of course he goes, and provoked the demon posing the people. First off, this plot overall is interesting; It sounds boring through the review. But seeing the movie is another story. Would it make sense if I were to say it's a plot that you simply have to see to believe - yet you can't explain overall afterwards? The plot is unique, and something different. However it's also quite flawed. First off, don't you think it's a little convenient a person gets possessed by a demon of what seems to be every day? Throughout the entire movie, pretty much every day he was heading to exercise demon, after demon, after demon - Don't get me wrong, entertaining. Better than boredom ( Which is the route many possession flicks nowadays seem to take ) Second of all, the execution made it across the line when it came to the plot, but there were many, many unexplained holes within it. Without spoiling anything, what can be said is that there is many events our main character Richard is put through that don't exactly seem to make sense, and do absolutely nothing for any future of the film. Overall, however, the plot, as said before was unique, and something that sends the viewer into a bit of a thought provoked state, positively. Another flaw I saw in this film, which I'm sure some saw coming is the acting. Some on the on, and off characters' acting was bad. Since this is low budget, I was expecting this, but some actors just overreacted to an extreme. They tried so hard, and it just seems a bit awkward to watch befall. Overall however, toward the characters we see mostly; Mostly Richard. It could've been so, so much worse. And for what it was? Decent enough not to want to rip your own hair out, and quit the movie entirely. Now mostly toward the positive side of things. Low budget horror films usually have terrible cinematography, if you want to call it that, as well as terrible, terrible lighting. This film however wasn't too bad on that note. Sure, you can obviously see the low budget presence in the lighting, as well as cinematography. But the presentation of both elements wasn't bad at all, looking back on how much worse it gets. Lighting overall keeps it to where we see what needs to be seen, and the cinematography doesn't shake to the moon and back - overall succeeding in the purposes! And finally, a massive, massive positive that took me personally by complete surprise. The dark humor, as well as comedy aspect of this film; This is horror comedy. It's actually succeeding in being funny, if not, succeeding in giving a few chuckles. It's simply unique how the comedy is taken upon in this exorcist / possession genre. The main character / actor takes his character to an interestingly funny level that just succeeds, and is fun to watch as he goes about, while at the same time adding in the dark humor. The dark humor of which succeeds.

In conclusion. This film has decent acting, at the same time succeed in making pointless dialog, as well as actions funny; Dark humor succeeds at being funny. The overall acting of others wasn't so great, the plot was unique, and entertaining to say the best. At the same time it had holes, it had unexplained, noticeable upbringings, and some elements were even as far as ridiculous. The film itself also dragged on for a good amount of time, lowering the rating, and charm further. Overall however; Imagine an Adult Swim horror film, this would probably fill in that spot, despite it's 20 or so minutes of seriousness. This film was an overall ride, definitely not for all horror fans however. Take it with a grain of salt, see if it deserves your attention. Overall this was a gem for sure, however. Unique executions with typical flaws.

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