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Adaline 2015 full movie online free

Struggling artist finds a century old diary and along with the diary comes the ghost of a girl with unfinished business in the mortal world.


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Release: Dec 01, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Adaline full movie review - An Obnoxious Insult To Its Audience

Having had the opportunities to watch some surprisingly good indie films, I stumbled upon Adaline and decided to try my luck on it today. Unfortunately, the movie was just too painful to watch.

Firstly, the poor writing as well as directing makes Adaline worse than a child play and just randomly develop without proper pace or any logical connections between each scene. There was so much nonsense that it seemed like the director just got rid of characters from the screen or resurrected them whenever he felt like doing it. I found this ridiculous and hilarious at the same time as it left the whole audience with uncountable WTF moments throughout the film. Secondly, the acting looks stiff, boring and fake, making it hard to evoke people's curiosity and to terrify them as a thriller/horror movie was meant to do. In fact, I could not tell if it is thriller or the kind of horror where you die of boredom. The only bright spot of Adaline is its cinematography peppered with some nice shots of Golden Gate Bridge and interesting use of angles. I am glad I finished it at the end of 2015 rather than wait until 2016 to torture my brain at the beginning of a wonderful new year.

Believe me, I really try to leave a positive review on every film I have seen but this so-called movie is just impossible. It was funny that the whole audience in my room actually gave a big round of applause when Adaline ended. I guess they were really happy that they could finally escape their mental abuse with courtesy.

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