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After the Ball 2015 full movie online free

After the Ball, a retail fairy tale set in the world of fashion. Kate's dream is to design for couturier houses. Although she is a bright new talent, Kate can't get a job. No one trusts the daughter of Lee Kassell, a retail guru who markets clothes "inspired" by the very designers Kate wants to work for. Who wants a spy among the sequins and stilettos? Reluctantly, Kate joins the family business where she must navigate around her duplicitous stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. But with the help of a prince of a guy in the shoe department her godmother's vintage clothes and a shocking switch of identities, Kate exposes the evil trio, saves her father's company -- and proves that everyone can wear a fabulous dress.


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Release: Feb 27, 2015

IMDb: 6.3

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After the Ball full movie review - Go after it now! Its SO wonderful

Kate Kassell (Portia Doubleday) is a very talented clothes designer and is searching for an entry level job in haute couture.

However, no one will hire her because her dad, Lee Kassell (Chris Noth) is a top producer of "knockoff" ladies wear. Therefore, Kate has no choice except to work for her father. Alas, her wicked stepmother, Elise (Lauren Holly) and her two evil stepsisters don't want her there and work behind the scenes to get her fired. In truth, Mr. Kassell has been in mourning since Kate's mother died and has let Elise have too much say at Kassell clothing. Moreover, Kate looks so much like her mother that Lee has become distant to his own daughter, somewhat unconsciously. Kate's only real friend at the firm is Daniel (Marc-Andre Grondin), who creates shoes. All too soon, Kate is indeed let go, as her father believes she has leaked designs to a competitor. But, ho ho, things can change. Kate's aunt and uncle encourage her to go back to Kassell as a disguised male named Nate and turn the company on its ear. It happens. Nate is soon beloved by almost all, especially Mr. Kassell, with the three wicked women working to find a way to give Nate the boot. Daniel even asks Kate to attend a fashion ball with him but she also has to show up as Nate. Changing from one to the other often in the women's room, Kate overhears just how devious her stepmother's plans really are. Can Kate/Nate find true love, a great job, and give Elise and the two young witches the heave-ho? This is really a great new take on the classic Cinderella story, fashion style. Doubleday is truly amazing as the woman who must play a man, at times, and she is beautiful. Grondin, Noth, Holly, and the rest of the cast is terrific, too. Add on great scenery, fabulous costumes, a polished script and an energetic direction and what, what's not to love? Go after it now, romcom fans and anyone else as well!

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