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Age Of Kill 2015 full movie online free

A black ops sniper is blackmailed by a psychotic international terrorist into killing 6 unrelated people in 6 hours... but there is more to the victims than meets the eye.


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Release: Jun 15, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Age Of Kill full movie review - Venture into the Age Of Kill

Well, I have now seen the film so its time to share my thoughts with you about the film.

I've seen many 'reviews' and quotes that are comparing the film to a movie version of the Kiefer Sutherland series '24' and whilst I can kinda see that being applicable. Age Of Kill is Age Of Kill. yes it does have a military man Sam Blake (played by Martin Kemp) whose daughter (played by Dani Dyer) is snatched to be used as a blackmail tool against Sam Blake. Its not set in real time. Isn't 18 and a half hours long (that's how long 24 was without adverts) and isn't an insane over the top super agent action series. (By the way I'm a huge fan of '24')

Age Of Kill is an hour and a half journey into Sam Blake's life, as well as that of his past and his present. Himself and his family. The action set pieces work well with no issue. Gun battles, explosions and such like do exactly what they need to do and what they promise to do. Martin Kemp is on form as more action star than some roles he has previously done and I can see him with a future in the action genre. Martin Kemp has always been a watchable, charismatic guy from his early days, and even when watching him on television being interviewed, He is always someone you find interesting to listen to. So its with no shock that his scenes in Age Of Kill are of course - watchable and engaging.

For me the highlights of the film though are easily the scenes he shares with some of the other cast. When Martin Kemp and Phil Davis share the screen, they are wonderful and you do want to see more of that. More so with the scenes involving Martin Kemp and Dani Dyer which just has wonderful chemistry to it, and once again, l wanted to see the scenes play out longer and see Dani in more scenes. She has a fantastic future ahead in film and shes definitely an actress to keep an eye on.

But those aren't complaints against the film or the story. I cant fault a film for not including more scenes, that's just a preference. All praise goes to the cast, and of course to writer Simon Cluett for creating this world of Sam Blake, and Director Neil Jones for putting these characters together for us, the viewer. Does Age Of Kill give us anything totally unique that we haven't seen before in film. No, but it doesn't try to.

It gives us an hour and a half of entertainment with a great cast. That's what I need from a film and a story. One that engages me with characters that I enjoy watching. Job well done. There is a plot line involving somewhat radical politicians which did feel like the sort of storyline that I have seen in several other films of late and which did sort of feel a little out of place in Age Of Kill, but putting that small detail aside. I really enjoyed Age Of Kill and look forward to not only the next film that Neil Jones directs, but also other scripts created by Mr Simon Cluett.(Bonded by Blood 2)

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