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Ahalya 2015 full movie online free

Ahalya, set as a modern-day thriller, is an ode to a legend from Ramayana. The 14-minute-long film replays the deadly game of Gods, spinning a web of intrigue, seduction, desire and mystery between Gods and Apsaras. Ahalya is a deadly game you can’t escape.


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Release: Jul 21, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Ahalya full movie review - Generic, nothing out of the ordinary

"Ahalya" is a 14-minute short film that was released actually not too long ago. It is about a police officer who comes to a house in order to find out what happened to a missing person.

He is welcomed warmly by the owner and his very young wife. But are things really the way they seem? In my opinion, the three actors were possibly the best thing about this film. They create interesting characters, but unfortunately most other components are not on par. The director is Sujoy Ghosh and he is the writer as well, but I cannot say I am too impressed by the script. Turning humans into dolls isn't exactly a new plot anymore, even if the very final scene was kind of nicely done. It was all predictable the moment the police officer saw these dolls on the table and how one of them fell to the ground. I remember seeing an episode of the television series "Charmed" maybe a decade ago that had a similar plot. And there was another pretty bad moment of writing, namely because all of a sudden the cop wants to arrest the old man because of his story. What did not fit either was the whole turning into the old man plot. He was supposed to become a doll, why the story with the strange magic stone and seeing himself as the old man in the mirror. This film started nicely, ended nicely, but most of the scenes in between weren't too great. Not recommended.

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