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Aimy in a Cage 2016 full movie online free

A creative teenage girl is placed into a mind-altering procedure to civilise her, while news of a virus epidemic spreads throughout the world.


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Release: Jan 08, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Aimy in a Cage full movie review - Alice in Halcion Land

i was trying to understand this quirky film but alas, I wasn't smoking any weed. to describe it as "quirky" would be describing a small house as "quaint" if you were a Realtor.

You just can't quite make it work when you put your nuts into it and get nothing in return. Aimy is an artist who is sorely not communicating with her family. The grandmother is the main antagonist in the Brady Bunch of characters. And we don't fully understand why this is happening. It's just starts up and they just go at it, no rhyme, no reason. Crispin Glover's character floats in and out at will showing up in the shadows and his character is supposedly the love interest of the grandmother but that is just a ploy to get to the mother's wealth. Aimy looks as if she was created as a live action version of a Tim Burton animation. Everything happens within this apartment. You feel claustrophobic as much as Aimy does when they tie her up for a duration of the film.i wanted to like this but after a certain point, the quirkiness wore off and the ending wasn't really an ending. It;s a film that you just want to out out of your mind so I watched The Big Short, a much better film, to clear the mental palate.

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