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Alienate 2016 full movie online free

A couple on the brink of ending their marriage spend a weekend in different cities. After a cataclysmic event strikes, the husband embarks on a physical and emotional quest to return home as a nation prepares for the worst.


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Release: Feb 22, 2016

IMDb: 3.3

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Alienate full movie review - David is an idiot with a stupid face

A decent trailer made me think that for once a low-budget alien invasion movie might do alright this time around. Boy was I wrong. This movie starts promising and has all the ingredients for a half-way decent science fiction movie but falls flat on it's face in the general area of everything.

This film has way to many scenes of back story and jumps around like it doesn't even know what direction to head in. The main character named David is a married man who spends all his time at work and neglects his wife who ends up having an affair. The aliens then land while he's off doing some neglecting and all hell breaks loose. Well not 100% hell as the majority of the film is spent in the present showing David with an expression that is similar to one a person would get when they had unexpected diarrhea and back tracking scenes where he has the exact same expression. Seriously, he only has one facial expression.

The characters are some of the most idiotic characters you could find in a movie and will make you angry watching all their ridiculous decisions throughout the movie. We are introduced to another supporting character named Samantha whom David meets in between wandering around with a stupid look on his face. They both join up and awkward conversation runs in between yes, more back story scenes. They hilariously fail at helping others along the way and for some reason they end up not dying as most of the people around them do. We don't see much of the aliens killing the humans because the writer spent all their time filling out David's character with more daydreaming and furrowed brow scenes. David also is terrible at surviving anything more than an in-grown toenail and is only alive till then end through the magic of plot device.

David feels badly for neglecting his wife and is oblivious to the affair she had even when his wife spends a lot of time with this other guy. Let's be honest though, David is just a moron so we can't really expect much out of him. Eventually David and Samantha flag down a news chopper that lands and offers to take them both to safety. Of course you know by now that David isn't exactly Einstein so he says 'no thanks' to safety and leaves Samantha to find his wife. He eventually does as we finally see some aliens vs. humans battle it out in the city streets. David has finally overcome his own lack of intelligence and by sheer luck sees his wife in the middle of a group of people running for their lives. The reunion is cut short by the fact that aliens blast her right in front of David and his stupid expressioned-face. He cradles her as more back stories annoy the viewer and an alien walks up to David to finally put him out of the movie's misery. It's not really a good thing when you see David's wife get shot by the aliens and you laugh out loud. Yet that's what I did. Stupid David.

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