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Jakarta 2036. Alif, Lam and Mim are three friends from martial art school Al-Ikhlas. Alif chooses to become state apparatus. He is determined to eradicate all forms of crime and searching for the killers of his parents. Lam, becomes a journalist. While Mim chooses to serve as a teacher in their school. All three are reunited after the explosion of a bomb in a cafe.


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Release: Oct 01, 2015

IMDb: 7.5

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Alif Lam Mim full movie review - Great movie, but could be better in CGI effect side

3 : Alif, Lam, Mim is a really interesting, and exciting action movie that came in the end of 2015 (if i do not mistaken). The movie shows a lot of interesting side of between conflict, love, and conspiracy.

But my main focus is the great action! Well, there's a lot of decent fight scene from star to finish, but not necessarily non-stop. If you are a huge fan of fighting type of action flick, go watch this movie ASAP. I'll say that much. The story and is pretty solid, with some plot twist. Not forgot to mention the acting quality.

Since this movie set time in the future Indonesia, my only "Negative" comment for this movie is probably the CGI effect that still looks too clean and a bit cartoonist. Perhaps in the future film (which i think there will be a 2nd one) they will improve it's CGI effect a little more. But most of you probably don't really care about that, including myself. That's why i still enjoy this movie from start to finish.

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