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All Hallows' Eve 2 2015 full movie online free

A woman finds a VHS tape on her doorstep that shows a series of gruesome tales that could be real. But the true danger is the pumpkin-faced killer that's using the tape to find his next victim.


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Release: Oct 06, 2015

IMDb: 4.9

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All Hallows' Eve 2 full movie review - Like an erratic heart, it skips a few beats sometimes

Anthology can be a trick medium, you have many short stories told in such limited amount of time and with different direction.

This formal is prone to consistency issue throughout, which is what happens to this particular anthology. The quality of each one is also varied, depending on the runtime as well as underlying concept, it can feel jarring and detached, especially on the longer less interesting ones.

This is a string of stories made in one theme, a woman watching a mysterious VHS of many strange occurrences. The similarity is vague, some stories might just end abruptly or simply too bizarre, creating a messy undertone. A couple of them even drag for a bit without too much pay off, this not only creates dull moments, it also hampers the pace for the other tales that follow.

At best it's a varied degree of successful short clips of campfire story. They don't have much depth in terms of narrative as many of them end in five or ten minutes, and the shocking revelations might not be satisfying. Others collection of short stories have presented nifty twists in the same amount of time, and while there is decent use of practical effect here, it's not the same level of dread.

The overall theme and quality displayed are not refined enough for more than average short bursts of thrill.

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