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All Things Valentine 2016 full movie online free

Avery, a blogger with a string of disappointing Valentine’s Days, is ready to give up on love when she meets handsome veterinarian Brenden. When Avery finds out Brenden blames his recent break up on her blog and is the one leaving her angry comments, she begins to question whether the bond they’ve began to build is a true love story or yesterday’s news.


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Release: Jan 31, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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All Things Valentine full movie review - A Great Cinematographer With a Great Subject

Sarah Rafferty is an anonymous relationship advice columnist. Sam Page is a veterinarian whose last relationship Sarah broke up. When her terrier falls ill, guess who she comes to?

There's little new for romantic comedies and this Hallmark made-for-Valentine's-Day romcon hits all the notes with nothing that you haven't seen before, particularly if you've seen the new ones the channel has been airing twice a week for the last month. Yet this one is way above average, and it's not just that Miss Rafferty is so gorgeous (although if you're going to turn your lead actress into a strawberry blonde, try to remember that her eyebrows are not going to be dark brunette). It's also that their cinematographer is so good.

Brendan Uegama is the name. I've never noticed his work before, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for it in the future. He favors a moving camera and it certainly keeps hints visually investing. It also calls for real skill in lighting and art direction by Kim Glennie. It's good to know that when your attention flags because you've seen this all before, at least the pictures on the screen are worth looking at.

And, yes, I understand that all these blonde and red headed actresses have dark eyebrows to let the audience read their emotions better. It also points out that it's a fake.

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