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Altamira 2016 full movie online free

The story of nine-year old Maria and her father Marcelino who, in 1879, found the first pre-historic cave paintings at the now world famous Altamira cave.

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Release: Apr 01, 2016

IMDb: 4.0

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Altamira full movie review - A historical drama starring Antonio Banderas about an amateur archaeologist , Marcelino Sanz De Sautuola , who "discovered¨ the Altamira cave .

An acceptable drama starring Antonio Banderas (Desperado) and Golshifteh Farahani ("Exodus: God and Kings) and a nice support cast , as Rupert Everett , Nicholas Farrell , Maryam d'Abo , Irene Escolar , Clément Sibony , Tristán Ulloa , and Pierre Niney also star .

This film was based on a true story about an archaeologist and his daughter whose discovery of historic cave paintings sparks a firestorm . Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola Y De la Pedrueca (Antonio Banderas) , in 1868, accidentally discovered Patheolitic paintings in the Altamira cave , now famous for its unique collection of prehistoric art ,it was well known to local people , but had not been given much attention until in 1868 , when it was "discovered" by the hunter Modesto Peres , being located in Cantabria , north to Spain and next to Santillana Del Mar . Sautuola then started exploring the caves in 1875 . He did not become aware of the paintings , however, until 1879 , when his daughter Maria (as little girl played by Allegra Allen and grown-up by Irene Escolar) , nine years old at the time, incidentally noticed that the ceiling was covered by images of Bisons . Sautuola , having seen similar images engraved on Paleolithic objects displayed at the World Exposition in Paris the year before , rightly assumed that the paintings might also date from the Stone Age . He therefore engaged an archaeologist from the University of Madrid to help him in his further work . Sautuola , -along with his wife Conchita (Golshifteh Farahani)- , was the rest of his life fighting to prove that those paintings were real, trying to restore his innocence from the accusations of falsehood launched against him . But the Catholic Church (here represented by a fanatic Monseñor : Rupert Everett) and scientific society were reluctant to accept the presumed antiquity of the paintings . The French specialists , led by their guru Gabriel de Mortillet, were particularly adamant in rejecting the hypothesis of Sautuola and Piera and their findings were loudly ridiculed at the 1880 Prehistorical Congress in Lisbon. Due to the supreme artistic quality, and the exceptional state of conservation of the paintings, Sautuola was even accused of forgery. A fellow countryman maintained that the paintings had been produced by a contemporary artist, on Sautuola's orders. It was not until 1902, when several other findings of prehistoric paintings had served to render the hypothesis of the extreme antiquity of the Altamira-paintings less shocking (and forgery less likely), that the scientific society retracted their opposition to the Spaniards . As the towering French archaeologist Émile Cartailhac (Clement Sebony) was one of the leading critics ; however , subsequently , he emphatically admitted his mistake in the famous article, "Mea culpa d'un sceptique", published in the journal L'Anthropologie .

English-language film shot on location in Spain , dealing with life and happenings of a man called Marcelino Saenz De Sutuola, who realized one of the most important discoveries of the 19th century : Altamira's caves and while looking for the truth he confronts religion , faith and disbelieving scientists . As Marcelino owned the land where the Altamira cave was found , crashing against the skepticism and discredit of all experts , who claimed that the caves were false and the paintings made for the own Sautuola, in a effort to get rich . Olivia Hetreed and José Luis López-Linares wrote the screenplay about the father and daughter, whose achievement earns academic plaudits but scandalises their family for its empirical contradiction of the teachings of the Catholic Church . The film argues that the Catholic Church opposed the discovery and accuses Sanz de Sautuola of forger , but this not true . There was no official pronouncement of the Catholic Church in Spain or in the Vatican about the authenticity or falsity of the paintings of Altamira . The movie is dedicated to José Antonio Lasheras, who was director of the Museum of Altamira since 1991 until his death at February 27, 2016 in a car accident.

Fox distributed "Altamira" in Spain , where it was released April 1 and has taken in $1.3 million through May 1 , and will handle the pic in Latin America and Germany . UK's Sympathetic Ink , Kirk D'Amico's Myriad Pictures and Peter Goldwyn's Samuel Goldwyn Films will partner for the U.S. distribution of "Finding Altamira". Myriad has also confirmed first international sales on "Altamira" plus a novel virtual reality tie-in that could be used for the U.S. release . Lead producer on the picture is Spain's Morena Films . As Lucrecia Botín (Marcelino Sautuola's descendant) along with Alvaro Longoria from Spain's Morena Films produced Altamira and Andy Paterson Fox Intl. Prods. is an associate producer . Hugh Hudson (Chariots Of Fire , Greystoke , Revolution) directed a good plethora of good actors and this marks Hugh Hudson's first film he directs after a 15 year absence from feature films .

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