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Guy Carter, an insecure expectant father unable to find work in his field, accepts a job driving hookers around Los Angeles. One long and crazy evening proves to our hero that he is, in fact, up to the task of fatherhood.


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Release: Aug 05, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Amateur Night full movie review - Jason Biggs is back! AMATEUR NIGHT is hilarious

I'm really diggin' this new little film, #AmateurNight starring #JasonBiggs, it's like the "Risky Business" for our generation. It's sexy, it's wild.

I don't want to say that Biggs completely brings back his Jim persona from "American Pie" for his AMATEUR NIGHT character, Guy Carter, but there's definitely traces of Jim in that Guy Carter also has to confront certain sexual objects or sexual references and acts that he may not be familiar with and so that gives grounds for many of this comedy's hilarious moments.

Guy Carter is an unemployed architecture graduate, he and his wife are expecting a baby and Guy is freakin' out because he has no means in which to provide and support his family. His wife, Anne, then finds him a job as a driver on Craigslist. Guy thinks it's some kind of pizza delivery job, turns out, it's a job where he has to drive sex workers around town from one clientele to another. That's where he meets the unapologetic Nikki (Janet Montgomery) and her two equally foul-mouthed cohorts, Jaxi (Ashley Tisdale) and Fallon (Bria Murphy). Guy's job is initially just their driver but as the night progresses, Guy also becomes sort of like their faux pimp, at the end, he proves to the girls and to himself that he has what it takes to be a responsible father.

AMATEUR NIGHT essentially is a party movie, much of the pivotal moments in terms of the characters' growth takes place in this long wild bachelor's party scene and I have to give mad props to Janet Montgomery, Bria Murphy and Ashley Tisdale for their courage to wear those risqué costumes. They even nailed down the physically-demanding dances too. Which is why I have a lot of respect for the girls out there who are actually in this profession, I know the public often see them through judgmental eyes, but let's face it, this is not the kind of job anybody can just do.

The dynamics between the three actresses and Jason Biggs is so fluid, they get each other's timing. And you see their characters' relationship evolve from them teaching this rookie, so to speak, to them sympathizing and wanting to help him. Biggs' character, Guy Carter, also goes from being reluctant to being glad that he doesn't miss out on this one crazy night. Obviously this is a very very low budget indie film, it doesn't hide it, it doesn't deny it, every shot of it shows, but it's so well done where at the end it, you feel for the characters, you care about them and you want them to be OK. Those who come in to watch this film with some kind of preconceived judgement, I think they'll come out of the theaters realizing that all of us, one way or another, are just doing what we can, whatever work we can get, in order to survive each day, to get by and to provide for ourselves and our families.

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