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American Justice 2015 full movie online free

When the reckless actions of an out-of-control LAPD officer get his partner killed in a deadly hostage situation, he gets suspended from the police force and heads to Mexico to face off against corrupt cops.


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Release: Jun 16, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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American Justice full movie review - Terrible:Vida Guerra Gets Wasted In This Mess

this is such a terrible film from start to finish i feel bad for all the actors involved in this and what was John Morrison doing here he should get back to wrestling acting is not his game.

the story is hilarious it is the same old one man show with a new angle every time now in this film a good cop goes against entire corrupt police force by himself.

cheap cgi stunts bad music and lousy performances by everyone hey is there even a script for this may i ask who wrote this and how is this movie allowed to be released this is pure torture on the audience even the lead hero is just muscles and no brain.

when i checked this out i usually like some b movies but this is a x or z grade film to be honest i never cared for the cast but i got mad when i saw Vida Guerra she was playing a role of a cop for those of you who don't know who she is i suggest you look her up online she is a talented model and actress why did she even signed this nonsense.

hey those you-tube fan made films are better then this any day calling this a film is a insult the final climax is so laughable i mean the whole rocket launcher thing on blowing up just one bad guy wow they went too far.

this film is mockery of each and every single police worker out there in the entire world just what were these makers thinking have they totally lost it.

American Justice 2015 has failure written allover it what a shame hey you want real American justice good film with epic American action heroes try bad boys 1,2 those are classics i tell you by the way i am not even American but stay away from this my rating is 2/10.avoid it

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