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Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers 2015 full movie online free

There's no subject too dark as the comedian skewers taboos and riffs on national tragedies before pulling back the curtain on his provocative style.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Anthony Jeselnik

Director: Adam Dubin


Quality: HD []

Release: Oct 16, 2015

IMDb: 8.3

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Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers full movie review - An hour of unabashed black comedy.

If you like black comedy, you must be familiar with Daniel Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik, and if you are, then you're well aware that they don't hold back.

After seeing Thoughts and Prayers, I think I can safely say Anthony is the darkest comic out there as far as subject matter, and I love it. If you don't like dark comedy, then obviously this isn't for you, so if you're uncomfortable with dead baby jokes, sexist jokes, abortion jokes, pedophilia jokes, or world tragedy jokes, then stay the f*ck away from Anthony Jeselnik. But if those jokes don't phase you no matter the content because, you know, they're jokes, then Thoughts and Prayers is a must-see comedy special.

What makes Jeselnik's punchlines work is the fact that you don't see them coming. Even though you know he's going to say the most terrible thing possible, he somehow manages to surprise you. His demeanor also translates well with his jokes because he's one of those people that you can't really tell when they're being sarcastic or not because he says everything with a straight face. And he's fully aware that he makes politically incorrect jokes. He comments about how society is always super sensitive about one thing at a time, and he exploits the hell out of that. Seriously, it's crazy how much he gets away with here and it's kind of refreshing to see that Netflix (and pretty much everyone that allows him to continue doing shows) can actually appreciate and promote dark humor. Yay, society. The audience even gets tested A LOT, but they always find the way back to the funny side.

So basically, you should know whether or not you're the target audience for this, and if you are then I'm here to reaffirm that you should see this. If you are easily offended and give this a shot anyway, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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