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Any Day 2015 full movie online free

Following his release from prison, an ex-fighter meets a woman who helps him put his life back together.


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Release: Mar 27, 2015

IMDb: 5.1

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Any Day full movie review - Attributes Barely Save It

Lead actor Sean Bean was about 55 when this film was made. He would not have been a boxer just prior to jail 12 years ago. How many white 43 year old boxers are there in L.A.

? Why did they pick a 55 year old British Guy to play an American former boxer, who still has boxing in his life? Why not choose an American actor 43, who was 31 before jail? Having said that, yes of course Bean did an admirable job with his role.

I think they gave both him and his sister European names, to partially explain away his seemingly non-American quality.

Well, the reviews were pretty brutal on this one, and I understand why, but it had plenty going for it too. I have no idea what part of L.A. they used, but they managed to find a white working class area not far from open space. Where is that? White working class stories have not taken place in an L.A. setting since Karate Kid. Anyways, good photography and atmosphere.

The Indie music was moody and memorable. Looks like the main singer was born in Germany but sings Americana folk. That was refreshing.

At first I thought the kid was the worst actor on the planet, but then I sort of got why he played such a robotic innocent. He was the counter to his uncle's jaded soul. I do totally see why the kid would run into trouble and tragedy, because he had no father and was not taught to keep his guard up. He went about his day in innocence and stuff happened. Later we are to consider that a virtue.

My favorite part of the movie by far was the interaction between Tom Arnold's character and our lead. I totally believed that. There are many guys like Arnold's character. I mean average Joes who screw up a lot, never fully grew up, but have some genuine goodness in them. They usually find kindred spirits to hang out with.

Would someone like Eva Longoria's character let a guy 16 years her senior pick her up in a supermarket parking lot after desperately asking for her phone number multiple times? I know that everyone says no, but I say yes. She saw that he was family-oriented, playing with his nephew, and that he had a shyness mixed with machismo. Women go for that.

There is no mention of Jesus. But the writers slipped in some super awkward religious messages toward the end while purposely not fully explaining. I think the message was that redemption requires effort, resolve, and faith. Most of our lead's cohorts stuck by him, despite his multiple screw-ups. Ultimately, even his abusive dead father redeems things.

The story runs super slow, so be prepared for that. Bean's non-American style and awkward age that does not fit the role, will make you squirm. Throw in the even more awkward spiritual ambiguity, and I'll give you credit if you don't hate it. I did not. I actually liked it.

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