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Arcade Fire - The Reflektor Tapes 2015 full movie online free

Arcade Fire’s first feature film is called 'The Reflektor Tapes'. The project is “a unique cinematic experience, meeting at the crossroads of documentary, music, art and personal history.”


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Release: Sep 12, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Arcade Fire - The Reflektor Tapes full movie review - Pomposity, pretentiousness and pupil dilation.

If there's a worse movie than this I've never seen it. It's a load of self-indulgent, pretentious crap. Website says it's about the making of the album. Yeah, well barely.

It's a mishmash wanna-be avant-garde film. Instead it's like a bad "art" school project. Now I've seen a couple of videos of these guys and the seem are semi-OK. You can't tell that from this. The soundtrack is horrible. Most of the time it doesn't even match what they're playing on film.And the pompous quotes! I was laughing so hard I can't remember most of them. Two of them went something like this: "We didn't start talking about Kierkegaard until a couple of weeks into the recording process." and "The records that influenced me were the records that made you wanna listen to the records." Win Butler you're an ass! More than anything else the film is some kind of tribute to Haiti. The look on the Haitian kids faces while watching these guys perform is priceless! I can't see even a hard- core fan enjoying this. I didn't really think think about Arcade Fire before seeing this. Now all I think is that Win Butler's a dick. The 75 minute running time seemed likes hours.

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