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ARQ 2016 full movie online free

Husband and wife living in a dystopic future become trapped in a mysterious time loop — one that may have something to do with an ongoing battle between an omnipotent corporation and a ragtag band of rebels.


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Release: Sep 16, 2016

IMDb: 6.4

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ARQ full movie review - A well directed movie, but with not a well written script.

Some Spoilers Might Have Slipped Throug

"ARQ" is about a man who get's stuck in a time loop has to try to protect an energy source who can save the human kind.

"ARQ" was written and directed by the same guy. This guy goes under the name of Tony Elliott. To start this paragraph of I want to say that he should keep on directing, but just has to train his writing. The writing part will be discussed in my second to last paragraph if you are more interested in my in depth opinion of that part. So the directing how was it? Very good actually. It very much surprised me. I wasn't expecting much of the movie: the story sounded cheap and cliché, the trailer wasn't the greatest... There were a lot of things that pointed in the way of a bad movie. The directing wasn't the cause of this though. Tony Elliot used some cool camera movements and kept the action scenes on a relatively watchable. The camera started to shake a lot so that's really my only criticism on his directing. There is another little thing I want to say, but I on't really know if this is due to the cinematographer or due to the director. This thing is the color use. The color blue and a tint of yellow-ish were accentuated, which wasn't a good decision at all. It didn't look good. This movie isn't a good looking movie. The editing was also a bit to fast to my taste. Especially in the beginning of the movie. It almost felt like trailer. There wasn't really a moment that you could really know what was going in the beginning. After the first ten minutes the editing becomes more bearable. The soundtrack was decent. Nothing to original, but still made the tense scenes feel better.

The acting was fine on average. I'll only discuss the main character and his helper, the antagonist I'll discuss as one big group. I don't really have anything to say about the antagonist based on their acting. So let's get started. In "ARQ" our protagonist is called Renton. Renton is played by Robbie Amell, leading actor of the canceled "Tomorrow People" and cousin of actor Stephen Amell. Robbie did a good job at portraying Renton, but his acting just didn't bring anything to the character of Renton. None the less he did a good job as an actor. His co-player was Rachael Taylor. She wasn't that good in the movie. Her acting was one-sided and in the emotional she failed to achieve a well performance. The bunch of antagonists were fine. Nothing really special.

The writing was probably the worst part of the movie, and this was also what I thought would be bad. Like said before this was done by the director himself. The story has already been told before by a lot of movies. Some did it good, "Edge of Tomorrow" for example and some did it bad. This movie falls in between. The explanation of the loop thing was a bit to dull and not satisfying. The dialogue was just plain bad. It was cheesy as hell and sometimes I even laughed. You have this moment where Renton answers someone with the word love in the most serious way. That was really hilarious. The characters also weren't well developed. They were one-sided, like Rachael Taylors performance, and they didn't really have a backstory. When they casted the two main characters they probably just chose based on looks, so the average watcher would feel for them more, because they are pretty. That's not how it works. I was not involved with them at all, and when something happened to them I didn't feel sad. There are two reasons for this. One: Ther weren't well developed. Two: They could just relive the day over and over again. The ending was trying to be smart about it all, but also failed at this. Another problem I have with the movie is that the antagonist really don't have a good motivation to do what they are doing, it just feels like: they're doing this because they're the bad guys. That just doesn't do it for me. And the last thing I want to say in this paragraph is about a twist in the story. This takes place way to early in the movie and due to this it loses all of it's effect.

To end this review I want to write a little synopsis of my review. The movie is very well directed, and finely acted. Robbie Amell was the best actor in the movie. The writing was not good at all. It was cliché and filled with cheesy dialogue. After reading this review, you probably think that I hate this movie, but that's not true. The directing really helped to keep my attention and the tension also helped a bit. That's why this movie is getting a 6.0/10

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