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Atlit 2015 full movie online free


Quality: HD []

Release: Jan 21, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Atlit full movie review - As Leila, back to the spring (web)

Her best friend and near sister, Leila went native with « La Source Des Femmes », now it's her turn to do the same.

For me, Geraldine's experience is better : it's a sort of « Beetlejuice » happening in Israel, minus the comedy but maybe with more emotion. It speaks to me because now 41 years, my parents are more older and like those sisters, i'm wondering what will happen to them and then to us when the family house will be ours? The cinematography is like usual rather ugly with orange/blue tones but we got a good feeling of Israel's countryside. As as sisters movie, usually the other siblings are rather transparent or irritating but this time, they are cool, especially the last one. If some scenes are useless and boring, it's only 87 minutes, so, it's a little and fast movie to find warm in cold times, i think?

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