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Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby 2015 full movie online free

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Release: Aug 20, 2015

IMDb: 7.3

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Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby full movie review - Third times the.... naw it still stinks like dirty diapers

It amazes me that this it the 3rd direct to video, 5th overall in this series.... how bad does an initial film need to bomb to not get more movies made?

It also amazes me that these 3 films were aired elsewhere as a series of episodes... worse this movie actually expects you to have watched the other 2... which given the target audience most like is 2-4 year olds the likelihood of them remembering the other movies is not very good... not that anything actually happens worth noticing happens... the whole cycle of what happens

In the first 2 movies, Big baby (the evil baby) and his father big daddy (not the father of hit girl) who runs big daddy burger, go around stealing stuff, the babies go with some random people who work with the Bobbins to investigate the robberies, meanwhile they are stalked by a random costumed guy (They a device that supposedly can teleport them anywhere, yet they always land in a some form of public transportation) By the end of the second movie they catch big baby and big daddy for the second time, Moriardi (John Voit) is revealed to be a super criminal and is after power. He spends his time this movie taking over big daddy burgers and moonlighting chasing the space baby all over earth as it borrows things to fix it's ship and feeds on salad dressing.

Anyway each segment can be summed up as such

Something is stolen somewhere, The babies go a team of 2 babies and 1 adult to meet with a countries stereotypical baby and their parent after getting teleported to some local form transportation and are given a stream comments about said area. The babies then crawl around a bit and then realize it has something to do with Big Mordis Meals (The new name of big daddy's burgers) They investigate and do nothing to Moriardi They then either interact with big baby and big daddy or then just go straight back to where they were before..... the baby returns the item, Morti and his accomplice try to catch him... he gets away... lather rinse repeat until this movie ends.

This movie trilogy feels at home next to such movies as Pocket Ninjas, the dog who saved series, home alone 4,

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