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At its heart, Banished is a story of survival. Though it is set in the stark historical reality of the founding of the penal colony in Australia in 1788 after the arrival of the First Fleet, it is not the story of Australia and how it came to be. Rather, it is a tale of love, faith, justice and morality played out on an epic scale in a confined community where the stakes are literally life and death.


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Release: Mar 05, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Banished full movie review - Good Historical Drama, although devoid of controversial subjectivity

I have to be lucky I was exposed to Australian history at quite a young age even for it to be taught in a fascinating manner.

I have since maintained a healthy passion for Australia's Colonial History in particular, mainly between the first fleet of 1788 and pre-1901 federation anything before then was Indigenous culture and outsiders Exploration.

'Banished' is particularly inspired by historical events after the landing of the first fleet, and really examines the life and times of the convicts and naval authority of the Penal Colony that would become known as Sydney.

I can honestly say the overall quality of the series was really impressive. There's enough compelling drama and insight into the lives of the convicts and settlers, mostly fighting for survival and civil rights and disobedience challenging the authority. I also loved the genuine sense of historical authenticity reflected in the series' production design, costumes and aesthetics along with some fantastic performances from a talented ensemble cast I admire.

Although the series merely mentions the presence of 'Natives'. It absolutely doesn't show it, which is questionable due to the local Aboriginal tribes feeling the political upheaval of the British Colonists settling on their land. Aborigines now more refer to the First Fleet's colonization as an 'invasion'. I do have enough respect for screenwriter Jimmy McGovern who created this show, along with many other respectable screen writing credits. Even after developing 'Redfern Now' which focused on the lives of Aborigines in Modern Australia he would've had some sense to delve deeper into pressure of the colonist's conflicts with the Aborigines faced at the time.

However, I did really enjoy the series for what it is. If you enjoyed this I recommend 'The Timeless Land', 'The Term of His Natural Life' (1983), 'Against the Wind', 'The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant' and the more recently critically acclaimed miniseries 'The Secret River'.

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