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Batman: Bad Blood 2016 full movie online free

Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance.


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Release: Jan 19, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Batman: Bad Blood full movie review - Should be titled "Batman: Too Bad to Watch Again"

A rating of 2/10 is generous because I am a huge fan of Batman and nearly every series of comic books..

And the DC animated movies have largely been incredible and inspiring because comic book story lines can finally be produced in a way Hollywood cant and wont ever be able to mimic in some ways but after Flashpoint Paradox things have gone down hill probably largely due to DC now taking advantage of its gained fan-base.. This story was basically dribble and had me laughing at moments while attempting to remain tranquil as long as possible..

Batwoman could have more interesting other than adding scenes about her personal sexuality, yeah sure I'd be a lesbian too if I was an angry drunk chick and had to live in Gotham who apparently walks down an alley to clearly no where only to luckily be saved by Batman.. I am not familiar with much of her origin but she is not the worst character in this by far.

Nightwing was almost interesting too but really not sure what back-story they went with as it was only mentioned by himself in addressing Alfred saying "it always starts with death." Could've introduced Tim Drake whom hasn't been in much lately or another bat- disciple instead. Biggest moment was getting his a** whooped for putting on the bat-suit then complaining about it while Bruce was gone, be lucky all Batman did was break your arm after that pathetic speech to save your life, I would've shot you half way through and blamed it on the mind control if I was Batman..Jk I wouldn't use a gun either.

Damian was still the same angry kid but used to be a real contender for the next Robin til he was killed off in the new 52 and batman incorporated story lines, really sad and not sure why Batman needed the pain of his only biological son dying..Wtf were they thinking, I digress though. BUT the writers decided not to even go down that road as they had the chance introducing the short-lived Heretic whom gets blown away by Talia after trying to get her approval and love as well as a soul for himself..just made me feel bad for him, which is more empathy than most other characters at all. That scene where Damian actually tries to give a f*** about Justice not Vengeance was so forced and ridiculous as it doesn't even matter because he couldn't save sh** and doesn't care himself as he looks blankly at the rope and says "Damn.." the writers were probably like "well at least we made it look like he gave a crap because We didn't."

Not even going to address Batwing really..clearly against anything to do with helping his father or Wayne enterprise..until he finds all the cool batsh** in the vault and pretty much declares himself part of the family for just showing up with little training at all in a bat-suit like "Heeey guys, mind if I join? Need a black guy to make this more diverse? No? Cool.." I just laughed as he flew by Lucius' window for approval. It's funny how loner Batman has disappeared in the last couple movies and suddenly wants family, like where did that come from?

Batman was barely in it and could've had a more comic book accurate plot that didn't go against how invulnerable Batman's mind really is, he is f****** Batman and mastered immunity to mind control and is at peak mental ability during some amazing story lines in the comic books.

The fight scenes were nothing, most of the villains ended up just falling off cliffs and in the most ridiculous form of killing, the "I didn't technically kill you by not saving you so Im still a good guy, have fun with that fall.." even though it is totally killing if you throw someone off a f****** cliff. Seriously, its like Hollywood ALWAYS making the main character somehow morally superior by going through all that revenge/vengeance just to hold back at the end like they are actually going to understand how killing isn't going to make things better BUT the bad guy always makes a move that gives them the bs justification in killing them/not saving them (same thing) like a white cop profiling an innocent black kid on the street in those "I had no choice he went for my gun.." moments.

And that scene with Alfred kicking ass like his bat-suit is his arthritis or something.. lol and he just happens to punch the guy into the perfect spot on the wall somehow just vaporizing madhatters head was hilarious, then the defense tower just randomly crashing into buildings but luckily doesn't hit Wayne Enterprise.. Seriously, Batwing shouldve just been crushed too somehow pretending like he actually was stopping a gigantic floating tower from crashing with his suits propulsion..ridiculous.

I have every single animated superhero movie and non-animated as well, but you are an idiot if you think this was even a decent story, but probably great for little kids as they keep getting more g-rated each movie.. Not a good movie if you are a fan of DC animated movies or Batman. The only thing that could make it better is to go into it with the knowledge that it is a joke and maybe a few joints too.

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