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Beautiful Prison 2016 full movie online free

Ben is a brain damaged young man who awakens from a violent accident to a restored intellect and supernatural abilities, which allow him to control the happenings of his world.


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Release: Jul 12, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Beautiful Prison full movie review - This film gave my wife nightmares for weeks

This film scared the heck out of my wife when we saw it at the premiere at a local independent theater. It gave her nightmares for weeks after viewing. So right off I am recommending this film.

I have seen many horror films in my time. I actually don't even really consider this a horror film (in the traditional sense). This film is marketed as a horror film and definitely has horror elements, but there is a deeper story inside of it.

The most terrifying things in the film are not the "jump scares" but the haunting images that linger with you afterwards.

The film successfully gives you the sense of dread and unease that don't happen a lot in modern horror films. You can tell there are a lot of throwbacks to early 70's-era horror because the story builds before battering you with scary images.

The entire cast is great and every person has a reason to be there; there is no fodder or filler even in the extras. Go check it out!

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