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Before I Wake 2016 full movie online free

Before I Wake is a haunting, emotionally absorbing supernatural thriller about an orphaned child whose dreams - and nightmares - manifest physically as he sleeps.

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Release: Apr 07, 2016

IMDb: 4.8

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Before I Wake full movie review - A fantastical whimsy!

Before I Wake carries a beautiful concept that could have moulded it into a better flick if it were not for its flaws.

Jacob Tremblay is everywhere. His cuteness is a delight to watch. He walks in with a confident mien to deliver extraordinary cutesy bits that are both enthralling and adorable just like he is in person. At the end of the day he is delivering, who's complaining? Mike Flanagan's yet another horror venture packs in a fantastical story that has been well thought of when you give an eye to its concept. Dreams coming alive! A fancy world something only a beautiful mind could create. But the big question is how does it all pack in its capsule? Starting with the direction, Before I Wake takes off beautifully. But there are elements that gnaw at it gradually stopping it from reaching a charming gleam. The first one being Kate Bosworth's character Jessie. We could have used a better cast here. Even though a tad distant, which was needed for her character, for parts where it mattered the most, she appeared kind of absent emotionally. Thomas Jane, au contraire, fit the bill just fine.

The second crucial part of the flick was its tangibility. Even though we were wading deep in an imaginary world, it is the natural things that surround it that help the flick to get carved in a realistic feel. Something which the movie lacked profusely. You often wonder, "Why is she not calling the police?" or "Why is she going there?" or "Where is everybody?" The latter one seems to be a factor that every horror movie overlooks.

When you look at the scary quotient of the movie, it amasses plenty to scare you. There are great horror bits that are downright chilling to experience. However, there is nothing that will continue to haunt you for days owing to the great concept it tags along with its slow thoughtful pace.

Screenplay has nothing to offer. Good scary movies consider this factor well, so it was a big downer there. Music is just meh, considering the chills it was supposed to furnish.

SPOILERS: It is only after Before I wake reaches midway that it actually starts to dwindle. You find Jessie actually reaching out for shriveled dark enclaves fearlessly which makes you question how fearless she really is. You would have wimped out from that dreary situation or maybe called the police first, and made it a universal thing. But then you realize maybe she was carved with balls, and that the role wasn't really cut out for Kate Bosworth actually. Any other sentient cast that wore her expressions better would have made it relatable.

When things reach its climax, you get a better glimpse into the story, as you understand who the "Canker Man" really was and how Cody's head projected it. The revelation doesn't tingle you much as you wonder how an imaginative nightmarish creation could be stopped by a memory glimpse. Throws you in a thoughtful territory for a second, which is actually very good for your head.

Eventuality becomes dope-high on fancy, as it endeavours to show what the child could do with just his thoughts, as the mother tries to let the child embrace his powers. She creates a happy ending for everybody to bring them back to life. But till that point of time you have really gone aloof trying to figure out how could his thoughts bring back the dead like Sean into reality for good.

A great concept that steers in a clouded zone owing to its shoddy direction, and the questions it leave you with.

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