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Below Her Mouth 2016 full movie online free

An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.


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Release: Sep 10, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Below Her Mouth full movie review - A Canadian movie!

This movie is very graphic. It is about a very passionate and honest lesbian who breaks up with her long-term relationship because she believes she is toxic to her because she does not love her the way the other loves her.

In a way this is both cruel and honest. It is not very accommodating to the feelings of the girlfriend, who shows signs of disgust, hurt and utter alienation. This break-up scene which sets the stage for the whole movie is significant. Lesbian movies often do not make the big screen theaters, so this one slipped through the cracks, in my opinion. In a way, Dallas, the lead female actress, is a very cold and calculated person. How could you be living with someone and treat them so callously in the end of the long-term relationship? In a way, Dallas is like a sexual predator. Within, what seems like minutes and seconds, she goes to nightclubs to scope out her next victim in the lesbian bars and nightclubs. She has no remorse, empathy nor compassion for the feelings of her ex. Instead she jumps on the saddle, makes a move with the bar-tender (who her best-friend indicated that she really liked herself for a couple of months already) and then kisses and makes out with the neighbor of her Roofing construction work site. It is the contention, that Dallas finds love in the end. But the story development surrounding the theme of love in relationships is not fully explored through the cinematic camera shots. Broken Back Mountain, a movie about two men who create a bond with each other, is a far more in depth character study of two individuals who really care a lot about each other. To me, Broke Back Mountain is a way better portrayal of the theme of universal love. This is a Canadian movie versus a Hollywood movie. And the genre of other love is still new to the silver screen. This is a good attempt into this genre. It is similar in style to the Canadian movie, Exotica.

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