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Release: Nov 07, 2015

IMDb: 5.3

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Beyond the Bridge full movie review - Watch out world, a new film master is coming!

Disclaimer: I am part of the crowd funding community of this movie.

"Beyond the Bridge" is the first feature movie of Daniel P. Schenk. He is mostly known for his legendary short movie "A Gamer's Day" in nerd culture. By his 2nd movie, I saw great potential in this talented young filmmaker and when he needed money for his first feature film, I crowd funded his project immediately. Sadly, after filming took place, the project got into development hell and for 2 years. I almost heard nothing about this movie at all. Still disappointed, I watched the movie when it came out nonetheless.

Holy Christ, what a great movie.

It is a psycho-thriller with horror elements. Please watch this movie without any more information.

The way the director creates atmosphere is already very unique. He got style, creative ideas and the temptation to film making to create his own visions. In the best moments of this movie, it doesn't need to hide behind it's great role models, it works on the same level as them.

Due to the low budget the film can't create a coherent immerse experience from start to finish, but that's something even most movies with bigger budgets can't create. This, and some issues with the dialogues are the only reasons what keeps this movie separate from a masterpiece. But it is only a matter of time and money until Daniel P. Schenk solves these Problems and might become one of the masters of our generation.

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