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Bikini Avengers 2015 full movie online free

When the Jade Empress steals the world's largest diamonds, super heroes Bikini Avenger and Thong Girl must stop her before she uses the gems to build a dangerous sci-fi weapon.


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Release: Feb 24, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Bikini Avengers full movie review - This is what cable TV airs at 3;30am

This is what you end up watching when you wake up 3:30 in the morning, wide awake with nothing to do and the only things on television are football games played two days earlier and infomercials.

Then, there's this. "This" is an insipid soft core porn film that you want to turn away from, but then nudity comes on and you feel that something good is about to happen. So you wait. And you wait. Then you realize "Why is she called 'Bikini Avenger' when she doesn't wear a bikini? And why isn't Thong Girl wearing a thong?" and then you get more nudity. Not that it's a bad thing. Sarah Hunter is lovely to look at in her nude scenes, with creamy white flawless skin that Goth-lovers would swoon over, and soft, natural breasts and a plump ass perfect for, well, making soft core porn erotica. And she's not that bad of an actress, either. The other actors have a so-bad-its-good quality to their delivery, and Nick Manning's performance makes me seriously consider becoming an actor myself, because if he can do it, anybody can. How hard can it be? And then there's a nude scene and you think, "Eh, maybe not." Some soft core erotica films actually become cult classics eventually, but I don't really see that future with this film. It's a one-and-done film; see it once and you'll never have to see it again. Well, unless you want to clip and save Sarah Hunter's scenes. If you're into superhero sexcapades, you may get a kick out of it. This is what the 60's "Batman" could've been if Yvonne Craig, Juli Newmar, and Lee Meriwether had done nudity. Otherwise, pass on it or wake up 3:30am.

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