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Billionaire Boy 2016 full movie online free

The story of Len, who made a billion dollars from inventing a new toilet roll, and his 12-year-old son Joe who appears to have everything he could want but what he really needs is a friend.


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Release: Jan 01, 2016

IMDb: 8.5

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Billionaire Boy full movie review - Billionaire Boy

I had heard all about the children's books and probably seen them in the shops a few times, and I was definitely interested to see another screen adaptation of the story created and written by comedian David Walliams, and Christmas was the suitable time for it to be broadcast.

Basically twelve-year-old Joe Spud (Elliot Sprakes) was once an impoverished boy, but his widowed father Len (John Thomson) invents a new kind of toilet roll, Bumfresh, and they have swapped the ordinary life for a mansion that is like a palace, complete with servants and anything they want. But Joe feels alienated by this new lifestyle, he tries to fit in at a regular school by keeping his his wealth a secret from the students, including best friend Bob (Nathan Waight), and from the teachers, he is also very wary about his father's new gold- digging girlfriend, model Sapphire Diamond (Catherine Tate). Unfortunately Joe's father reveals their wealth to everyone, in a very big fashion, with his identity exposed many greedy "friends" come begging to him, and Bob feels betrayed by his dishonesty, things get worse and their fortune slowly disappears when people are suing, as Bum Fresh makes their bottoms turn purple. In the end Len gets advice from temporary butler, Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis, he dumps Sapphire, he and Joe reconcile, as do he and Bob, and even though they have lost their fortune they find a new family when Len marries Bob's mother Julie (Coronation Street's Tupele Dorgu). Also starring James Fleet as Mr. Darrow, Humans' Rebecca Front as Miss Sharp, Keith Lemon: The Film's Harish Patel as Raj, Bryn Terfel and David Walliams as Mrs. Trafe. The cast are all well suited, Sprakes in his first role is great, Thomson is a likable rich buffoon, and Tate gets laughs being stupid, it is a simple and sweet story about how money is not everything and family is all you need in high and low times, children and adults alike will enjoy this fun family comedy drama. Good!

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