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Black Beauty 2015 full movie online free

A modern retelling of Anna Sewell’s classic novel, Black Beauty explores the heartfelt story of 15 year-old Audry who makes the discovery of a lifetime whilst volunteering at a city animal shelter. Rescued from an abusive owner and recovering from a traumatic past, Black Beauty possesses a most unique quality of character, endearing itself to Audry and her Grandpa who adopt the horse in order to give it a second chance and perhaps even help revitalize their own family situation. Aided by dedicated trainer James and tested by the many challenges of equine life, Black Beauty has his work cut out for him as he embarks on a remarkable journey of discovery and friendship.


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Release: Jul 16, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Black Beauty full movie review - One of the worst films ever related to horses

what a bomb, man. don't even know how this lousy script was approved into production. terrible screenplay with horrible storyline, bad directing and lame acting.

annoying, bad and almost non-stop irrelevant country songs again and again, so bothering and disturbing. the storyline sucked big time with weakest plot, dialog and whatever came into mind. the young actress who played the main role is not a good and talented enough actor. in addition to this young female, the actor who played her mother is also a lame actor. the whole film looked so unreal and so pretentiously fake. staging scene after scene. and when the grandpa drove away with the horse trailer, he even ran across a stop sign without stopping. the young female heroine couldn't stop smiling all the time or even looked at the camera irresistibly. the ranch they used to tell the lousy story obviously was rented. the grandpa didn't look like a rancher, the newly built barn was the only nice structure in this film, but obviously belonged to someone else in the real world. again and again, the bad annoying country songs were sung that bothered us a lot, giving me impression like the movie producers liked to market those lousy country songs to apple store. all in all, what a, horrible film that should never have okay-ed into production in the first place. it's very very memorable for being one of the worst films ever made, even worse than those lousy films produced by 'Lifetime' channel or from 'Hallmark'.

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