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Blackburn 2016 full movie online free

A forest fire and rock-slide trap five bickering college friends in a small Alaskan ghost town with a horrifying history. When they seek refuge inside the torched ruins of Blackburn Asylum they must fight to survive as the angry inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.


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Release: Aug 02, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Blackburn full movie review - Big Salute To Mr. Lauro Chartrand For This Feature, Which Simply Reeks Of Awesomeness!!!

Yesterday (August 11 2016) was the premiere of Blackburn the movie, directed by Lauro David Chartrand, a Legendary Stuntman who has performed stunts in more than 200 films.

The Soska Sisters (American Mary 2012, See No Evil 2) were part of the cast. You know that any film or project that involves the beautiful Jen and Sylvia Soska is guaranteed to be one hell of a ride. So, I went to the second show of the day, which was 5.10pm. It also features a great cast : Sarah Lind (WolfCop 2014), Emilie Ullerup (Leprechaun : Origins 2014), Alexander Calvert (Lost After Dark 2015), Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins (The Wicker Man 2006), Lochlyn Munro (Scary Movie 2000), Ken Kirzinger (who played Jason in Freddy vs. Jason), Brad Loree (who played Michael in Halloween: Resurrection), Maja Aro (a stunt performer for huge Hollywood films who also did a stunt for The Soska's debut film, Dead Hooker In A Trunk 2009), Calum Worthy, Zack Peladeau, Brandi Alexander, and Mike Dopud (BloodRayne 2005). I had lots of fun watching the movie, which is filled with great horrific scares, frights, bloody realistic special effects, and tons of fun. I really loved Maja Aro's sinister horrifying looks and performance. Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins stole the show with their creepy performances. Ken and Brad are tough as always, and of course, the Soskas are always the best in what they do (that's why they're the masters in films, whether it's off or on screen). The rest of the cast was amazing, as well. It's a super fun, creepy, cool action horror flick that's a must see for horror fans. I really enjoyed it, and I can't believe it's playing in my country, Malaysia - they don't usually play bloody, gory stuff like this flick. Big salute to Mr. Lauro Chartrand for this feature, which simply reeks of awesomeness!!! Hope to see more horror films from Mr. Lauro!!!

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