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Bleed 2016 full movie online free

It seemed perfect - a new house, a new marriage, a child soon to be born. But when Sarah and Matt invite their friends to celebrate, the situation turns deadly as they enter a burned-out prison on a ghost hunt.


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Release: Mar 25, 2016

IMDb: 4.8

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Bleed full movie review - B o l l o c k s movie

I decided to watch this because it was rated 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix and Netflix people are notoriously hard on horror movies, so I figured it would be the equivalent of a 5 star by usual rating standards....

Let me preface this by stating that I love horror films, even ones that are also kind of stupid and that the majority of other people (let alone fancy film critics) hate, so truly, I am not expecting a whole lot.. However, even with the bar set to the ground, this movie was a HUGE disappointment. The acting is bad, the writing is terrible, the plot is all over the place, and the characters' motivations seem to come from nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.

Like a fellow and anonymous Netflix reviewer said: "There was no plot! Just a bunch of scenes stitched together and the end was a W-T-F moment if I ever saw one."

One of my other favorite comments was: "Typical B horror movie.... black guy gets killed first."

So enough of the preface let's get into the real talk.

**Spoilers below**

I hated all the characters: the brother was a complete nutcase and I relished in his demise; you feel sort of bad for his girlfriend but not really; the Sabrina lady and her boyfriend not only had zero chemistry, but they were both annoying as all hell so when they died, it's sort of a celebration. The only characters that were somewhat likable - the Prego and her husband - also had their off-putting moments like when Prego's husband jumps to her rescue and she deserts him in his greatest moment of need, and of course moments like when the husband (who is supposed to be smart for god's sake) could have avoided this entire fiasco by saying "Bugger off brother-in-law and your nonsense plans," but instead gets hare-brained ideas exactly like joining his deranged brother-in-law along with an entourage of equally mentally unbalanced companions on a hike to an obviously unwelcoming, haunted prison.

Anyways, even though this movie follows no plot or any sort of logic, the likability (not very high) of the characters seems to match the longevity of their respective lifespans (not very long) so at least this movie is just and fair in that sense.

However, watching justice be delivered to these dumdums is simply not worth sitting through 1.5 hours of all the b o l l o c k s this terrible movie has in store. If you want to watch a good horror movie about people exploring a haunted building watch Archivo 253.

Final Verdict: Do not trust ratings on Netflix ever again (at least for horror movies).

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