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Blue Jay 2016 full movie online free

Meeting by chance when they return to their tiny California hometown, two former high-school sweethearts reflect on their shared past.


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Release: Sep 12, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Blue Jay full movie review - Beautiful, emotional, funny, reflective, sincere, honest.

Their relationship is very touching, you can tell they were very close and still are very close but circumstances have changed.

You start to see that Amanda has found it hard learning how to become an adult and is not really sure when it all happened or when we learnt it all, Jim still feels immature (referring to a four year old as his soulmate) and we see them both tackle issues together or at least confront them and they just happen to be together. It is very obvious they will not be together, their lives are two very different things now and that hurts because constantly throughout the film, the way Amanda looks at Jim, you can sense there is something she feels and wants to say but it feels like she won't. It seems like Amanda feels sorry for Jim and she wants to help, she wants to know what has happened to him over the years and Jim simply has no direct answer to her questions all the time. The film breaks and shows beautiful scenery, landscapes, people and beautiful stills of them walking around, talking, It felt very natural, real and sincere, It felt like I had known these two people for years and now they reunite. It just feels very true to how this sort of situation would go.

Amanda seems to have her life 'sorted out' or at least on track whilst Jim does not look very certain about his. He seems very lonely and looks like he is going through a difficult patch in his life at the moment and running into his closest friends is exactly what he needed.

Every time Amanda mentions her husband it ruins the mood, any time they refer back to their present, the mood completely gets ruined, you can tell Jim gets a bit frustrated and quiet when she brings him up and it is obvious there is no likeness between them. There are moments that I feel they have nothing, but then there are moments where I know there is something, It is very strange, when films like The Notebook try to do something like this it ends up looking like bullshit rom com clichés because it didn't come from anywhere, the main characters of the Notebook suck and have no depth, these two characters have a personality, they have lives, they exist and I can see and understand that, I am willing to know these characters and that is what good writing and directing is. They have a moment where they are looking through his diary and she realises the past, she remembers again what it was like back then, reminiscing about when they used to be 'lovebirds', she finds a letter that is addressed to her and takes it before Jim finds out she had it, at this point I am heavily interested in what is happening, these character's pasts and their relationship, their lives and who they are now, when she finds the letter I am even more intrigued by what is in it, they kept me invested.

At this point they find some old tapes and listen to them. It is an incredibly touching scene where they remember role playing and they have two kids, Jessica and Jason and at this point they remember who they thought they were going to be in the future, they remember the good days where they just had a good time, Amanda looks into the void and thinks of what it all was back then and what changed since, the expression on Jim's face when he hears them talking about their imaginary kids always gets to me because of how close they were to that reality but something changed.

You can get the subtle hints that their personalities have changed, the people around them have changed who they are, Jim more or less stayed the same but just lost his footing, Amanda seems like she has it under control but it doesn't feel like she is truly happy. There is a moment where they are outside looking at the stars and Amanda finally tells the truth, she has been taking anti-depressants and claims she should be happy and that her life is fine, there have been hints from the very beginning that Amanda was not truly happy with her life, who really is but she just felt closed up, similar to Jim at the beginning. She discusses how things are changing, and how she has not told anyone about this, she feels this inner sadness and she is unaware of where it is coming from, I think it is because they are aware of the cruelty and the hardships of living within society, the constant changes and having to deal with life's constant issues and stresses and growing up, it is hard and challenging, hard to move past.When reality steps in and it starts to kick in that this is not going to last forever, this peace is going to fade and it will fade fast. Things have not been the same for them and things are changing quickly and ever since things moved forward, life hasn't been that way for the both of them.

This entire film felt very improvised because it just felt so raw and genuine and that it is hard to come by nowadays in modern cinema, actual people on screen. Even TDOER felt disingenuous once or twice, this movie nails it from beginning to end.

Beautiful, emotional, funny, reflective, sincere, honest.

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