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Boost 2016 full movie online free

When Jimmy finds a mysterious package in the trunk of his latest boost, he is thrust into a violent underworld of criminals, and a race against the clock to save a little girl's life.


Quality: HD []

Release: Apr 05, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Boost full movie review - Booooooost

I liked Danny Trejo performance in Planet Terror and Machete but after seeing Cyborg X and this one, I don't understand why he chooses to star in bad movies. Here Jimmy, a car thief must struggle to stay alive after a job went wrong and he was forced to kill an important mobster.

The story is simple but the way is portrayed in the movie make it incomprehensible. Is like the director could not manage to keep a nice flow and stumble on the way. Also there is the acting who wasn't so convincing, is like the actors we're bored on the set.

Conclusion, this is the result from an inexperienced director and some unknown actors, a big mess. If you watch this and you don't turn it off after 40 minutes, then you are a very patience man. Good luck!

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