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Boy Meets Girl is a funny, tender, sex positive romantic comedy that explores what it means to be a real man or woman, and how important it is to live a courageous life not letting fear stand in the way of going after your dreams


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Release: Feb 06, 2015

IMDb: 7.6

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Boy Meets Girl full movie review - Not much more than a transgender fantasy

I watched this not knowing beforehand that this was a movie about LGBTs. I actually thought this was a "boy meet girl" movie. But whatever, let's move on.

I fully support gay rights and everything, so don't call me a homophobe or anything. I had no problem with the theme of this movie, but this movie itself just made no sense. And I'm surprised at all the 9's and 10's here. I mean, how low is everybody's criteria?

There's like zero chemistry between all the characters. I guess there's a reason Michelle Hendley has no bio on this site. Ricky meets Francesca and they just make out out of nowhere. It's like the only reason why they did it was because Ricky commented on how she should just date girls instead, and Francesca just happened to come along at that time. But what was Francesca's reason? They've met for 2 days. Even if Francesca had nothing against transgenders, and she wasn't even slightly weird-ed out about dating a transgender woman, Ricky was nowhere near as charming as "screw my fiancé, I want this". It just seemed so forced. And the tampon incident. Really? Like that actually happens in real life.

David was this super conservative person working in the army who makes a big deal out of women's virginity, so naturally, he hated transgenders. And then the movie introduces the ridiculous plot twist of him hating Ricky because they had a past. I really don't want to offend anyone, since most people watching this is probably gay, but can I just be creep-ed out that she slept with both of them? And I mean, is this some kind of gay thinking? That the haters are more angry at themselves because they also have the tendencies?

And then there's this talk between Francesca's mother and Ricky, which does not make any sense either. Seriously, most parents would be more shocked by the fact that their kid is sleeping with a transgender person, instead of the fact that their kid is falling apart with their fiancé who is not around most of the time. But I guess I'll buy it that Francesca's mom is okay with the former, and then she comes up with the "ugly" speech. Which does not make any sense, but I guess gives Ricky a chance to "respond to haters", which the gay community likes, I guess. Also, what parents have the energy to speculate that the transgender likes a man instead when she's sleeping with their daughter? And I mean, why do people keep insisting that Ricky and Robby like each other? How come I don't see it? How come I don't see that there were attraction between any of the characters?

OK and then there's the scene where Robby opens up to Ricky. I've had myself shouting WTH at the scene where Ricky and Francesca did it. I've had myself shouting WTH at the scene where Ricky and David's past was revealed. But this is just beyond ridiculous. They should probably just change the name of the movie to "I slept with everybody". Is this another gay fantasy? That all their friends, boy or girl, wanted to have sex with them? That their apparently straight BFF secretly has a huge crush on them? Geez give me a break.

And the video doesn't make much sense either. A punk girl silently holding up cards about her wanting to kill herself but didn't being so viral over the internet? Please. I've heard some TED talks that I applauded to, but something as boring as this won't get any views. Seriously.

I've only seen one other transgender movie, Boys don't cry. I think that was a very powerful movie which shows us a lot of truth and heart, so no, I don't hate these kind of movies by default. But Boy meets girl really just looks like a transgender fantasy to me: Acceptance by almost everybody (nobody showed much discrimination besides David. Even Francesca's mom acknowledged that Ricky was a strong and beautiful lady, though I really didn't see those qualities in Ricky), slept with everybody, straight BBF that they like actually secretly likes them back, a happy ending in every way...

If the transgenders like this movie because they desperately want the same things to happen to them, fine. But just from a gay- friendly straight person's point of view, this movie is a 3.

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