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Bridal Wave 2015 full movie online free

With her wedding day rapidly approaching, an anxious bride-to-be has doubts about her pending marriage. At a romantic island resort, she encounters a handsome kindred spirit and must now decide if her "perfect" fiancé is really her true love.


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Release: Jan 24, 2015

IMDb: 5.8

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Bridal Wave full movie review - Just another pretty face and then some

Hallmark movies tend to call over and over on the same catalog of actors and actresses, and in this case, it's Arielle Kebbel, who might not be new to a lot of viewers, since the last time she appeared in "A Bride for Christmas", with the same opposite lead, Andrew Walker.

It seems sort of beside the point that the plot is lame, the lines are limp, and the outcome is entirely predictable - for me, I simply like to watch a beautiful woman pretend she's playing a role of some consequence. She may have some acting talent, but I'm not watching her for the same reasons I would be watching a movie with Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn. I've made a list of some of the women I see over and over again (or perhaps would like to see again), and it includes Amy Acker ("Dear Santa"), Alicia Silverstone ("Candles on Bay Street"), Kerri Russell ("The Magic of Ordinary Days"), Brooke Burns ("The Most Wonderful Time of Year"), Lacy Chabert ("Elevator Girl"), Teri Polo ("Straight from the Heart"), Catherine Bell ("The Good Witch"), Candace Cameron Bure ("Moonlight and Mistletoe"), Kellie Martin ("Smooch"), Kimberly Williams ("Follow the Stars Home"), Carla Gugino ("Season for Miracles"), the list goes on and on, and most of them have appeared in multiple Hallmark movies, not to mention other TV and big screen productions. It's no coincidence that these women are all extremely attractive, and a study might be done, if objectivity were even possible, to compare the prospects of an unattractive woman trying to get a start in screen careers today, compared to 80 years ago. I don't think it's any revelation that these movies are popular, at least for the reason that they have attractive people filling the roles, even if the roles are only marginally believable, if not a complete fabrication from another planet. I wonder what Arielle will be doing in another 10-20 years when the bloom of her youth is at least somewhat gone.

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