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Brotherly Love 2015 full movie online free

West Philadelphia basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the pressures of fame while his brother and sister have their own issues with ambition.


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Release: Apr 24, 2015

IMDb: 7.5

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Brotherly Love full movie review - Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love, is a Hollywood drama film, was written and directed by Jamal Hill in 2015. This movie takes place in Philadelphia. This city struggles with everyday conflicts between The Hill Top and The Bottom Top.

The movie is based on a high-school basketball player, Sergio, who is trying to balance his dreams, home and community challenges. His sister, Jackie, wants to go to a music school and has to deal to hide her forbidden relationship with her boyfriend Chris. After their dad died, their older brother, June, had to step up to provide for the family by being part of the gang life. The mom was hugely impacted by her husband's death. She is unemployed, an abuser of drugs and alcohol. They each are hoping they can overcome their goals. The movie Creed, was directed by Ryan Coogler, is about a former boxer's son, Adonis Johnson. He is trained and mentored by his father's friend, Rocky Balboa. He is determined to face the deadliest opponent. Creed and Brotherly love are very similar. In both movies they do not give up until they are on the spot they want to be in. Sergio and Adonis are dedicated to their sports. They put in extra work while trying to deal with obstacles along the way. I watched both films multiple times and never ends up disappointing me. The second and third time I watch them I paid more closely attention to details and enjoyed the movies even more. Anyone that's involved with drugs, gangs, and violence can clearly relate to this film. I can relate to Brotherly Love; I have an uncle and cousin they are involved in crimes. The plot is so real. A lot of people can somehow relate to it. The director captured the reality of what happens in Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Jamal Hill recreates a drug dealing shooting story by adding mystery, twists and turns throughout the whole film. The ending is unexpected and very shocking. The rap music and the sound effects made a huge impact on the story; it brings the story together and adds more emphasis. The acting was like no other movie which makes it more realistic and believable.

Brotherly Love brings deep emotions such as happiness, anger, laughter, and even sadness. Jamal Hill brings the viewer in by feeling sympathy for the characters. This movie gets deep down inside the viewer and makes one think about one's circumstances and surroundings. It also makes the viewer rethink about whom he or she should actually trust and who will betray you.

Anyone who's been involved with crimes can learn from this film, but mostly teens. Teenagers can learn about the reality in certain cities. They can also think about the choices they make and the consequences that follows along. A choice makes a difference in someone's live which can either become rewarding or become a mistake that can even cause one's life. The consequence is what will stay with you forever. Violence is not the answer for anything; it will not get anyone nowhere. Trouble will always be around, but it just depends if you chose to pass or be stuck in the same circle of violence. There are other options besides violence. There is no going back, just going forward. Sometimes you are given a second chance so one should make it count.

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