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When David is left by his fiancé just days before the wedding, Flula, his relentlessly upbeat best man, insists that the pair go on David's previously planned honeymoon: a seven-day backpacking trip through the breathtaking mountains of Oregon. Their adventures are bookended with passages from William Clark's diary describing his friendship with Meriwether Lewis and the terrain they crossed during their expedition.


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Release: Jul 01, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Buddymoon full movie review - I can't believe how much David Giuntoli reminds me of Bradley Cooper!

'BUDDYMOON': Four Stars (Out of Five)

An indie comedy about a former child star hiking through the mountains of Oregon, with his best friend; a trek inspired by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The film stars David Giuntoli and Flula Borg, and it was directed by Alex Simmons (in his feature film directorial debut). The script was written by Giuntoli, Borg and Simmons as well; and the trio also co-produced the movie. The film has received a limited theatrical release, in indie theaters, and it's gotten mostly positive reviews from critics. I found it to be pretty funny, and somewhat charming as well.

David (Giuntoli) is a struggling actor, that's never been able to escape the notoriety of a cheesy sitcom he did as a kid. David is about to be married, and he's also preparing for a film role, he hopes to get, as the famous American explorer William Clark. His fiancé, Frankie (Jeanne Syquia), leaves him, just days before their wedding. His best friend, and would-be best man, Flula (Borg), then visits David to cheer him up. Flula convinces David that the two must go on David's honeymoon trip, that he had planned for him and Frankie; a hike through the remote mountains of Oregon, just like Lewis and Clark did.

Being from Oregon myself, I love the visuals in this film; and I also love all of the educational info, on them and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The two lead performances are both fantastic, and I can't believe how much Giuntoli reminds me of Bradley Cooper. Borg is a bit too much, at times, but he's mostly hilarious. I don't know how much of the script was improvised, it seems like a lot, but it is a great idea for a movie as well. The film is a nicely put together little indie flick!

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