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Buddymoon 2016 full movie online free

When David is left by his fiancé just days before the wedding, Flula, his relentlessly upbeat best man, insists that the pair go on David's previously planned honeymoon: a seven-day backpacking trip through the breathtaking mountains of Oregon. Their adventures are bookended with passages from William Clark's diary describing his friendship with Meriwether Lewis and the terrain they crossed during their expedition.


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Release: Jul 01, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Buddymoon full movie review - Amateurish

I payed £3.49 to watch this. So where's the actual film?

There's no substance here at all.

Instead you get thrown straight into a half-baked 'buddy' movie which is basically a string of failed attempts at clichéd moments stolen from other films (better films - by directors who knew what they were doing).

Very quickly it dawns on you that what you're watching is a couple of real-life friends discovering that making a film actually takes more than just a third person holding an HD camera (and a man with an acoustic guitar who knows a few basic chords and some simple fingerpicking to do the obligatory 'indie soundtrack').

It is at this point you realise that the second lead actor is insanely irritating and the film's only been on for the first 5 mins of its 80 minute runtime. Yikes!

Other catastrophic issues with this 'film':

? The 'eccentric' characters they meet along the way are just boring. There's one bloke supposed to be high on mushrooms (oh yeah, haha) and then a bit later there's some campers watching a man playing a guitar. Then there was that group of flutists. Wow, riotous.

? The 'pranks' they play on each other are completely unremarkable: "Hohoho he wrote a note for me pretending to be the girl I fancy". Give me a break.

? The flashbacks go nowhere. At least have something to offer if your going to bother flashing back - otherwise just leave it out and save the viewer some mins.

? The core story isn't at all fleshed out and is basically ignored for most of the movie. This means for the most part the viewer is watching a movie without a plot.

? There's no humour in this film. None. It's not a funny film. It's not a comedy. Why did they call it a comedy?

? The drinking and drug taking scenes were so lame I actually forwarded through one of them.

I keep asking myself why I'm wasting time writing this review. It's because this feature is not a film. If you read about it it's actually a vanity project by the two leads during 10 days they weren't working on other stuff. They went for a forest walk and then realised it needed a plot. It's a glorified home video.

It's well photographed I guess so if you like to not laugh but to look at scenery - and pay to do so - be my guest.

I'm hoping I can stop people from watching this and spend their precious mins on something interesting instead.

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