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When David is left by his fiancé just days before the wedding, Flula, his relentlessly upbeat best man, insists that the pair go on David's previously planned honeymoon: a seven-day backpacking trip through the breathtaking mountains of Oregon. Their adventures are bookended with passages from William Clark's diary describing his friendship with Meriwether Lewis and the terrain they crossed during their expedition.


Quality: CAM [HD on 01 Nov]

Release: Jul 01, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Buddymoon full movie review - Indie Offers a Change of Pace

I thought this indie offered a nice change of pace from the usual movie fare of superheroes, crime capers, and heavy dramas, The humor, in my opinion, "won't knock you off your seat" but there are laughs here, some charm, and some wonderful cinematography of the Oregon woods.

David Giuntoli stars as David, who's just been jilted by his fiancé Frankie (Jeanne Syquia) right before their wedding date, and he's holed up in his house feeling quite depressed. Flula Borg co-stars as Flula, who's David's best friend (they're actually friends in real life). Flula convinces David to go on his planned honeymoon hike with him anyway, which will help ease the blues once he's outdoors.

The rapport between the two, who are polar opposites in personality, works well with Flula being wildly gregarious while David is reserved and introspective. The remainder of the movie will track their adventures through the Oregon woods, meeting various characters along the way and playing effective pranks on each other. The film also effectively intersperses segments of the actual journal of explorer William Clark, who in 1805 traversed the same areas in the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Overall, not everything in this movie works but as mentioned it offers a change of pace from the usual fare and for its minimal 1 hr. and 19 min. running time it was a decent watch for me.

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