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Building Star Trek 2016 full movie online free

When "Star Trek" first aired in 1966, it expanded the viewers' imaginations about what was possible in their lifetimes. Today, many of the space-age technologies displayed on the show, like space shuttles, cell phones, and desktop computers, have already gone from science fiction to science fact. Other innovations, like warp drive, teleportation, and medical tricorders are actively in development. Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Star Trek" - a show that continues to inform, enrich, and inspire.


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Release: Sep 04, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Building Star Trek full movie review - Great Fun Despite Trivial Content

Nerds play around with the original star ship Enterprise model.

I am amazed that I am the first to review this, I was expecting 20 reviews!

Look, there is no question that the subject of this film gives new meaning to the term trivial subject, but hey, I love classic Star Trek and I would kill to have the original Enterprise model in my why not make a show like this.

It is rather sad to discover that most of the sets and props for the 1966 series were destroyed because, at the time, nobody had any idea of the value of such items.

In a nutshell: it has been a few weeks since I watched this show, and yes, it does sort of linger in the memory weeks after a viewing, so don't feel the whole idea of it is just too nerdy to bother with.

Give it a go!

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