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Bunker of the Dead 2015 full movie online free

After Using the instructions found in an old Jewish diary, Markus and Thomas hope to gain access to a WW II underground military base formerly codenamed: Cerusit. It was used by the Nazis as a secret research institute and is shrouded in rumors to this day about the lost gold of the Third Reich. The entrance to the cave system, however, lies right within the restricted area of a U.S. military base.. the first of many problems Markus and Thomas will have to face.


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Release: Sep 20, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Bunker of the Dead full movie review - Where Were Bigfoot and Elvis?

First three minutes into this mess and I already had my hand on the FF button. "Bunker" is a big old zombie turd from Germany.

It seems two friends are trying to discover this "lost" bunker and everything else after that becomes a potluck of garbage. The main character spends just about the entire movie going up, then back down, the same set of stairs.

Shot in the form of a video game first-person shooter, this is just about as bad as it could get. From the one guy's martial artist expertise (nudge/nudge, wink/wink), to makeup that ends at the person's jawline, this one almost defies description. Could not stand either one of the guys; in fact, I would have liked to have slapped them both until my arms got tired, but I digress. It was a hoot to find out this was originally shot in 3D--couldn't tell you when those effects would have come into play. The one kicker in here is not only are there zombies in the bunker, but there is also an omnipotent alien, and Hitler himself! If they could have just included Bigfoot and Elvis, all would have been forgiven...

Rated "R" for ridiculous, the movie has some graphic violence, but not what you'd expect from a zombie movie. Skip it.

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