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Cafard 2015 full movie online free

August 1914. While Jean Mordant is away winning the title of Wrestling Champion of the World in Buenos Aires, his daughter Mimi is raped by German occupiers in Ostend. Jean swears he will avenge this immoral disgrace. With his coach Victor and young nephew Guido, he enrolls in the prestigious ACM (Armored Car Division). But the heavily-built armored vehicles keep getting stuck in the mud of Flanders. The battalion is hastily transferred to the Eastern front. Jean is devastated by frustration for he has just learned that Mimi is pregnant. But war conditions are ruthless and he and his friends embark on a dramatic journey that ultimately will drag them around the world.


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Release: Oct 22, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Cafard full movie review - Brave Little Belgians Make Animated Feature

At the outbreak of World War I, Jean Mordant, Belgian wrestling champ, his manager/trainer and his young nephew, all eager to fight the Germans, sign up in a Belgian armored vehicle unit.

Cafard is a Belgian motion capture animated feature, which looks terrific. Even though the computer animation seems a few renderings away from being finished, that roughness fits well with its subject matter and it looks like no other animated feature I can think of. It also has a heart for the little soldiers in a Great War, and achieves a sense of true epic adventure as their quest takes the men literally around the world.

With all this going for it, it's a pity the makers couldn't have started from a better screenplay. At times the story moves in leaps and bounds, skipping over important events, having character developments that seem to come out of nowhere, and failing to elucidate the historical context; at other times the movie goes too slow, its pace almost grinding to a halt.

It's a shame, because you get the feeling that with a few rewrites, or perhaps even a different edit, Cafard could have been so much better. I really wanted to like this movie better than I ended up doing.

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