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Careful What You Wish For 2015 full movie online free

A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.


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Release: Apr 03, 2015

IMDb: 5.5

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Careful What You Wish For full movie review - An honest review

I'll be honest: I only watched this movie because there was a keyword 'female full rear nudity' How often do you see honestly like that? It's the only reason I rated this above 1.0.

Here's some more honesty and some will be tough to swallow: This film is a clearly feminist framed woman-victimized-so-its-okay- for-her-to-victimize-males. A 'helpless' gold digging wife, digs for gold and strikes it rich. She kills her husband, while pretending he's abusive (verbally, emotionally but never physically which is only suggested, at best and never really proved) after cheating on him (supposedly, because she was cheated on when he goes out of town, again only suspicion and never really proved) with a MUCH younger BOY, a high-school kid to be precise--who is still a virgin.

She victimizes the boy, seducing him after stripping nude in front of him and showering after swimming, and playing on his inexperience to persuade him she loves him after having sex with him. Being his first time, he doesn't know any better and believes it. Then she sells the abused wife story, while manipulating him into taking the fall for her husband's murder. After she sells him on 'it was an accident' (clubbing someone in the head with a fire extinguisher is always accidental when you have a vagina and stand to inherit 10 million) she sells the cops on the same story, making everything he's done with her fit into place to sell her lie that he's a stalker who raped her. Even plants a pair of panties in his bedroom AFTER BREAKING IN.

Long story short, after destroying all the real evidence (text message and sexting history) and playing him and her husband, and the cops (the insurance agent investigating is of course her lesbian lover and also playing everyone, because she is just an antagonist female who hates men, uses them, kills them, when she really wants another vagina in her life) he's all handcuffed in a hotel room ready to go to jail for the murder of the husband because she's played everyone into believing the story (HOPEFULLY showing the audience: THAT SEXISM AGAINST MEN IS VERY REAL IN THE WORLD OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SOCIALLY!!!!)

Icing on the cake, enter the unrealistic ending: she has a moment of mercy for this poor virgin boy she victimized, and returns a piece of evidence proving his story to be true just before escaping with her lesbian lover and the 10 million she defrauded the insurance company out of, the only reason she married the husband in the first place. After 3 years married, almost to the day before he's killed--she is 'entitled' (doesn't have the right) to inherit a 5 million dollar policy that doubles after 3 years married to 10. Yes, because she felt so horrible about everything she did (whatever) she pitied the kid--but didn't feel enough remorse to return the 10 million in money she never earned, but in fact--stole from tax payers with lies and manipulation, and self exploitation. Didn't feel enough remorse to turn herself in.

And on top of that bull-crap: We end with a voice over from the ONLY SURVIVING VICTIM: the virgin boy who was RAPED essentially by a woman -- forgiving her and saying he'd do it all again. After going to jail for it. Remember, this is a movie and not real life, and until this moment you can almost forget that.

He was raped by her in the legal sense: realistically his emotions were clouding his judgement, he was drunk on her nude body, showering in front of him was an act she used to manipulate him the same way a female can be drunk on one beer and then manipulated by a man (this is legally true and enforceable in court) and consents to sleep with a man then the next morning, legally charge him with rape. I'm sorry-- sexual assault.

Welcome to the 21st century, this is what a feminist looks like. Scored an average of under 5.0 on the IMDb... and Hollywood is still?! producing this trash as their 'mean' or 'mainstream' frame when it comes to framing a story in films. Maybe in another 20 years--assuming were not all dead yet--they'll start doing it right. Maybe not.

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