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Catching Milat 2015 full movie online free

A two-part mini-series following the police effort in the 1990s to catch serial killer Ivan Milat, who kidnapped, tortured and killed backpackers along the Hume Highway before disposing of their bodies in the Belanglo State Forest.


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Release: May 17, 2015

IMDb: 8.9

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Catching Milat full movie review - Not the best catch, but quite a good one

Here's one show that didn't build up to the expectations, that I hoped for, especially with part one. The second part was much better, where the story now moves along.

Kennard's chilling performance will stay etched in your mind for a while to come, it's hard to believe this was that rebel punk in that 1991 movie Secrets, while also being a heart throb earlier in E street. Ivan Milat was a despicable serial killer who murdered 7 teenagers over a course of a few years. Of course, not all the show is fact, but that's expected. What I expected was much more screen time into Ivan's background, and his family, Carole Skinner as Ivan's mum, you hardly see. What this show's decided to do, instead, is really work it from the cop's angle, where trying to convict this guy, and get solid evidence on him, was a bastard, where a lot of man hours, went into it. Richard Cawthorne, who joins the squad, while taking a lot of flack, from the senior "hard as nails" detective (the great impressive Morell) seems to be the only one, entirely convinced, Milat's their guy, where a few others, come around to that hypothesis, the least of all, Morell, who likes to do things by the book. I really liked Cawthorne, and his character, where I must say, the whole cast delivers. They're great, and that includes the ones, playing the grieving parents of the late victims. But there's no getting over Kennard's ferocious and "grab by the horn's" performances, a score of accolades must sure follow. To give the show a little more realism, we have some small footage, some of in the after of Milat's arrest. I can't help but feel a little of disappointed with this one. I expected a little more, but got a little less, mainly from the first one, where the second, really pulls it's socks up. Having to resort to seeing it from the cop's side, is quite engrossing, as seeing how what they went through to nail this bastard, finally succeeding on that May 22 day in 94, where too, after his incarceration, it still became a battle to ensure his imprisonment, where we fast forward to that 96 day, court case, where justice was served.

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