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Christine 2016 full movie online free

The true story of the final months of a depressed news broadcaster who infamously committed suicide on live television.


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Release: Jan 23, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Christine full movie review - Christine

After I came out of the theatre for the new film, Christine, I was absolutely speechless. I knew how the film was going to end based on historical data and information I had read about the main character who the film is based on before I saw it.

I knew how it was going to end and yet the film had a very haunting and powerful presence over me not only with it's ending, but also the events leading up to it as well. This my dear readers is the sign of a great if not masterful film in each and every way. A film that can completely envelope you into it's world and it's group of characters and so affect you that afterwards you are completely shaken and at a loss for words because you have so many different feelings and emotions going on in both your head and your every part of the body that no matter what you may be thinking, or feeling, you know that this is a film and an experience that you will not soon forget. Even if the film was something that you didn't personally like, or couldn't get into, I would find it hard to find anybody who would actually sit down and give this film a chance, who was not personally affected, chilled, or had some strong emotions resonating within them by the time the film was over. I stress highly that this strong and powerful affect was not simply by use of excessive violence, shock value, or bad taste, but more than anything the wonderful development of this character, Christine and how we have so many conflicted and battling emotions of what to think and feel for her and yet we feel that much stronger those feelings for her because even though we may not understand her, or what she is going through, we still feel extremely deeply inside and out for her. This film could be compared to films such as Network, or even Nightcrawler from a few years ago. However, I would suggest that this film gives the indication of sensationalism in the media and news broadcasts in particular, but it does not just stop there, but instead gives us an absolutely riveting story of a young woman with some serious mental health issues that will ultimately prove to be too much for her, or really anybody to handle. The film takes place in 1974 and although it is based on a real person and events, I would be curious to know that up until this movie, how many people actually knew of Christine Chubbuck, or remember her from the newscasts back at that time. Was it a well publicized event, or something that maybe due to the sensitive nature of it was perhaps withheld from the media? I am glad however that this has been made into a feature length film. I have heard of some arguments calling the film exploitative and causing further harm, or smearing to that of Christine and her remaining family members and loved ones. I would however argue that while the film is certainly a disturbing watch and quite upsetting at times, that it is an essential film and a story that definitely needs to be told. Simply for the reason of Christine's mental illness and showing how much affect that can have on own's social, work, home and personal life in each and every way. As we go through the film see event after event and difficulty after difficulty affecting Christine and while sometimes we get so frustrated watching her because of her social awkwardness and unorthodox ways of handling herself and sometimes to the point of creating more trouble for herself that it can be maddening to watch at times simply because in a sense we still care and feel for this deeply troubled young woman. I think in some ways whilst dealing with mental illness she should be credited for being a woman of perseverance and never giving up and also someone who was never quite understood of others, but perhaps if given a chance to shine she would have a lot to offer to others such as the puppet shows she would put on at the local children's hospital. We see several different factors all that trouble Christine greatly and the performance by Rebecca Hall is probably with Hailee Steinfeld, the best female performance of 2016 and one that I hope is not overlooked. It must have been a draining performance and a difficult one, but Hall pulls it off flawlessly in what is the best performance of her career. The film's attention to detail and overall affect that comes across to you is masterfully done by it's cast and crew and like I mentioned earlier it is a film that will stay with you for a long time if not forever. What a wonderful achievement and with Edge of Seventeen, it is the best film of 2016 and I doubt there will be few if any that will top it this year. Also what in a way is a great look into the world of mental illness and how far we have come with help and awareness in that area. Something definitely to be applauded.

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